Rise of the Tomb Raider DirectX 12 Performance Review

Rise of the Tomb Raider now supports DirectX 12, but does it offer the performance improvements that we hoped?

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jonivtec1582d ago

The day i see finally one of my game is directx12 compatible i step up and start downloading the system is common.
I5 6600k oc 4600mhz
Gtx 970 msi oc +120/+350memory
16 g ddr4 2600mhz
Windows 10
Let me say you.....its a slap in the face.Forget the hype train .
In best scenario i have some minimum fps more thats it....everything else is the same or lower.I hope its a unique scenario because its suck hard.Yes i have the lastest geforce driver.

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Elit3Nick1582d ago

You're using an Nvidia card, which so far sees little improvement to even worse performance since they don't natively support DX12. Nvidia got into a lot of trouble with this since they originally touted their new cards as having async compute, which they would later admit was a lie. Now they're behind AMD this gen since they were actually prepared for this.

Hopefully people become aware of this and Nvidia's almost complete monopoly on video card sales starts loosening so that we see less deplorable marketing tactics like locking in game effect and features to only their cards.

jonivtec1582d ago

I will wait and see a little before change my gpu....but if its true instead of sli my gtx 970 i will probably get a radeon gpu with more vram.

iistuii1582d ago

I'm using a nvidia 980ti with an older i5 oc'd to 4 gig & mine runs far superior with DX12.

RedDeadLB1582d ago

That's because your system is one of those DX12 can actually help.

DX12 wasn't developed to improve GPU performance drastically. It was developed to improve CPU performance first and foremost. Testing DX12 games with an i7 whichever is completely ridiculous. To really see the improvements they need to test with a beastly GPU (980Ti, Fury) and a low to mid range CPU (i3, i5, FX whichever).

starchild1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Exactly. It depends on your setup. When you're often CPU bound, DX12 should help in those situations. DX12 doesn't just automatically give you better performance and people shouldn't expect it.

jonivtec1582d ago

what is the exact model or your I5 im curious about that.

iistuii1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I have an i5 3570 ivy bridge oc'd to 4 gig, 980ti & 16 gig ram. I tested my game in the village on ROTTR, I play only 1080p as I couch play with an Xbox One controller as I hate sitting at PC's. It was much better with the DX12 patch.

jonivtec1582d ago

From what i understand...your 980 ti was probably cpu bound in some scenario then direct x12 do its my case im gpu bound maybe thats why it doesnt give me benefit at all.Most AMD fx owner have probably see benefit to since their cpu have weak per/core performance.

badz1491581d ago


"To really see the improvements they need to test with a beastly GPU (980Ti, Fury) and a low to mid range CPU (i3, i5, FX whichever)."

except, those i3 or i5 or lower end FX will pose a bottleneck for 980ti & Fury by default.

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vanity291582d ago

Oh man. I watched a dx11 vs dx12 hitman analysis on the 390. It had higher maximum and avg. But the frame drops were so noticeable and just disgusting.

dreadz741582d ago

This is because you have a Nvidia 970 which can't do Async Compute. This is why you have bod performance. They can't do it so they emulate it and over time it will get a little better. AMD will see a much bigger jump in DX12 with current HW. Also nIxxes screwd up DX12 in this patch as Hitman had much bigger gains and for AMD HW again.

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TacticAce1582d ago

Its because developers are not implementing it right...

FrostXVenom1582d ago

Dont know about nvidia cards but i am getting 5 to 10 fps boost depending on areas with my 280x.

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Muadiib1582d ago

To be fair we won't get fully DX12 compatible cards till Pascal, I'd like to see comparisons between the 980ti and the 1080ti (or whatever it will be called). I suspect a massive performance jump for the same price.

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