Remaster This! The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Jerry Dobracki from BagoGames writes: Nintendo has been cranking out Legend of Zelda remake after remake for almost five years, and I'm honestly not complaining. I never had the chance to play the N64 titles so having them being on the 3DS is a nice boon to me. My favorite Zelda of all time is Wind Waker and I have no problem replaying that masterpiece, and just recently Twilight Princess was re-released, a title that I enjoyed in the final days of the GameCube. I'm thrilled to have all these titles in my library and I am currently playing several of them as I type this article. There is one Legend of Zelda that I never really got to sink my teeth into though, and that was the Wii's Skyward Sword.

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DivineAssault 1575d ago

Maybe for NX not wii u if its BC..

DivineAssault 1574d ago

I see your point but twilight was designed to be a gamecube title and didnt utilize the wii's full graphical capabilities.. IDK, its a bit late to do another zelda remaster for wii u to me.. The real zelda wii u should be whats focused on..

maxleresistant1574d ago

Oh I agree with you on the fact that they should do Zelda SS on WiiU.
But not because it's backward compatible, but because the WiiU is done, that Skyward is not old enough, and mainly because it's the worst Zelda ever made for home consoles.

There is far better games that needs a proper HD graphic remaster.
-Metroid Prime Trilogy
-Eternal Darkness
-Super Mario Sunshine

An we need a new 1080°, a new waverace and a new F-Zero. Also, they should stop reboot the development of Starfox Zero and start to try and make a game deserving of the Starfox name this time.

DivineAssault 1574d ago

We need star fox zero.. It doesnt look as good as it could i think but still, more good games are always welcome.. Theres lots of games that would be awesome to have redone too i just doubt they'll waste the time or resources.. NX might get all of the stuff we all want.. New and remasters alike if the rumors of it being a handheld/console hyrbid are true..

Segata1574d ago

And by Wii U's end we will have 3 zeldas. 4 is overkill

maxleresistant1574d ago

Sorry but I'll have to disagree with Starfox.
I'm just tired of "good" games on WiiU.
I want great games, games that can be actually be the best in their series, or even in their genre.

Nintendo is phoning it in on WiiU. "here is another Mario, Here's another Smash Bros, here is another Starfox"

They played it way too safe.

DivineAssault 1574d ago

They always do.. Since wii, we really just got the play it safe games.. Until nintendo gets their hardware on par with the competition, the 3rd party will be very limited.. At least we got Bayonetta, W101, & Lego city underground.. Star Fox was intended to be a sandbox title until it was changed again to have paths like the originals.. IDK what they're doing anymore.. I hope the NX is good w/o gimmicks. Innovation is fine but leave out the casual/motion stuff..

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Philface1575d ago

This would be an interesting project.

Perjoss1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Skyward Sword running at 4k and 60 fps on Dolphin...

JunMei1574d ago

Beautiful. Truly shows off the true beauty of the game!

goathouse7741574d ago

They seriously shouldn't bother if they don't commit to fixing the game's incredibly unnecessary flaws. Namely, the overwhelming and unskippable Fi intrusions and the brain-dead grinding halts that come every time you pick up an item, but also the limp New Game+. With these tragic faults, they made a nearly great game merely "good". Then, if they fix the aforementioned issues and want to take the final step toward making the game "great", they'd need to flesh out the overworld, somehow.

EcoSos31574d ago

All of that and after almost every dungeon you had to return to skyloft, I think this game had more backtracking then the metroid games.

tinparron1574d ago

IDK...the entire world was just one big obstacle course with barely any moments of just pure exploration. If they were to 'remaster' it, I'd kinda rather see some real estate added to each of the three provinces.

I personally love the birds and flying, and used them often just for fun. But that shouldn't keep the design from allowing the player to go from one province on the ground to another. If they were to add transitional land between each of the three, making it possible to actually explore everywhere seamlessly, THEN I think it would be worth it.

Add some more islands in the sky while they're at it ^__^ I believe "no motion controls" besides the gyro is a given at this point, as a side note

blawren41574d ago

I never thought the motion controls were anything but a strength to the game. They are too integrated into the game and remastering without at least an option to have original controls would divide everyone yet again. I hope they never remaster this game without original controls because I thought they were fantastic.

tinparron1574d ago

Know what? Agreed. I actually had no issues with the motion controls when I played, so I should have worded that differently; I think optional motion controls should be included, though I do think traditional controls standard are a given based on the recent re-release.

The main point of my thoughts still stand, though, as I felt the world was way too confined.

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