'The Division' offers a mixed bag on the streets of New York City - Mashable

The Division is an incredible multiplayer game, but it doesn't always reach its full potential.

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whitesoxfalife19761584d ago

I wudn say unfair but challenging when you're going solo....I haven't co op with no one for my missions saving that until after maxed lvl.

ravens521584d ago

Ye its pretty challenging I play on hard every mission solo and I'm pretty much under the recommended level all the time. Even if I'm lvl 11 for a lvl 12 mission and I play on hard its rather difficult. Haven't even gon into the dark zone yet:0

Steptoe1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I'm level 11. Doing it solo also. Yeah i've died a few times and cursed a few times to. At the moment im enjoying it. i haven't entered the Dark Zone either. I'm too scared to.

FrostXVenom1584d ago

you should try darkzones as ur level 10 plus..and take some players with you...its more fun and challenging.

antz11041584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )


A lot of the npc enemies I've seen in the DZ are heavily shielded and up to level 15. It can be challenging and downright frustrating at an extraction point.

I'm currently level 13 and I'm waiting until I'm level 15 to go back in. Very fun though.

1584d ago