Cheaters Reportedly Discovered Within The Division

First reported cheats started to emerge online for The Division. Gamers are now furious!

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ShadowKnight1583d ago

I knew this was going to happen lol

rdgneoz31583d ago

Weapon and ammo manipulation happened the in the beta on the pc, so it's not surprising. Consoles didn't have the problem.

lipton1011583d ago

I'm sure we all did. Realistically, I don't understand a person's motivation to cheat. What are they getting out of it and how does it make the game fun? Cheaters on this site, feel free to respond because I'd love to know

nbalive891583d ago

they got nothing better to do with there lives pretty much it. I hate it as much as you do but what can you do about it besides report them

StrawberryDiesel4201582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

They are losers in the real world, probably have no life or job. They leach off their parents, living at home rent free with no real responsibilities and spend the little money they have on gaming. It transitions to how they play games too. It's sad really. Bad genetics and unfortunately they will probably have kids that will be trolls just like them. This has always been something that has existed, though with the current generation of gamers that range in age from 20-30 it has become extremely prevalent.

ChuckTheIceMan1582d ago

People only cheat to grief others. There is no point to it.

IceKoldKilla1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I don't have The Division but I've cheated in games before. I think it isn't fair to say someone is either this or that. It isn't all black and white (like most things in life). I'll find exploits sometimes for SP games because maybe currency or a material is too time consuming to get. And for MP, I'll try out spots that people tell me that give you an advantage like a spot no one knows you can get to or maybe you "head glitch" meaning you see them but they barely see your head. In terms of hacks I remember trying one for Call of Duty 4 YEARS ago on PC. I had the downloaded free version (lol you know) and I was bored. I had bought it and done 100% everything in MP on PS3 and wanted to try mods on PC and found a hack that allowed me to fly around and see enemies across the map. I would troll just shoot once and watch them go crazy trying to find me. That lasted a week and never played again. Other than that, I usually avoid cheating online. I hate when it's done on me so I play legit. But the point is it can be fun when you're bored. It's not like some of us spend days researching and looking for ways to cheat. I'm sure there are people like that. Then there's those who find out through a friend and just wanna try it or maybe they suck so bad they wanna have an advantage and see how it feels to be #1, I don't know. I'm assuming. Like I said, I'll "cheat" in games like Fallout or something if it means less time wasted farming shit.

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Christopher1582d ago

Yeah, this was a given on PC. Just memory hacking happening here. Pretty simple stuff. Cheat Engine, find memory markers and elements, force them to always show for enemies or to stay the same for ammo.

This is why people like MP on consoles more typically.

Hopefully they do a good job of policing this stuff on PC.

IceKoldKilla1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Is this through Steam? I thought hacking on Steam was near impossible or you would at least get caught fast. I know people will hack on Non-Steam games and it can be easier by-passing anti-cheat stuff on older games.

Btw, I don't consider myself a PC gamer. I use to be like 10 years ago before I fully switched to consoles around 2005. But back then it was easy to download games and hack. I only hacked once on CoD4 but then again many were hacking since it was the unofficial servers and it was as easy as downloading some software and instantly having all the hacks you can imagine. And unless the admin kicked you, you could hack all you wanted. It got boring within a week. I would just shoot them once and watch them go crazy trying to find me. I never hacked again.

Christopher1582d ago

@IceKoldKilla: memory hacking can't be stopped, only detected. It reads memory, then you find where in the memory data is stored and manipulate it so it to what you want. It can require a ton of work to get data like NPC locations, but it's completely possible by narrowing elements down over time.

Dan_scruggs1583d ago

Who could have predicted this shocking turn of events?

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