Microsoft is F****** the PC Gaming Community: The History & Future | Rant:30

Microsoft is now investing heavily in the PC front, and Tek Syndicate is talking about the company's history on the platform and what it means for PC gamers in the future. Is it all positive, or will it bring changes that are anti-consumer?

Hoffmann2758d ago

They ruined it many years ago already by making dlc something popular and by installing a pay for online system.

naruga2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

^^ exactly that ...also if they manage to obligate PC/Windows games to be released under UWP umbrella (as nearly 90% of pC operate Windows) then the console-exclusive games (aka SF5) will be hit hard and may vanish,as there will be an obligation for game companies to have an atypical contract with Xbox/Windows

mikeslemonade2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

PC gaming ruined already with parity.

I spent over $1k on a rig for something slightly above marginal difference in all my games. However I get to play "free" versions muwahahaha

jrshankill2756d ago

Mike your honesty is appreciated. The words "anti consumer" and "PC Gaming" go hand in hand.

Every PC gamer I know who doesn't play on console pirates their games. I know there are PC gamers out there who purchase games, but the vast majority pirate their stuff. Can't blame them, it's easy to do.

ShadowWolf7122756d ago

They won't do that. Steam exists. GoG exists.

If that means they forego a Windows Store release, so be it.

Erik73572757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Ohhh noooo, dont port quantum break,gears,scalebound, and halo to my PC!!PC gaming is ruineddddddd for everyone:(

ScorpiusX2757d ago

You have a point , if everyone fears FOR pc gaming , then MS should keep its games on console and just help make cheap pc games .

Herbalistic2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Microsoft can't ruin PC gaming being as there are so many other open stores and communities on the platform

BG115792757d ago

Yep, but that won't stop them to try.

MS is trying to gain the control over PC over those open stores and communities. They went for trying to monopolise the console market, and dismissing the PC with the Xbox brand. But thing didn't go accordingly. They lost focus, and STEAM, GOGGLE and APPLE on the PC and device market.
Now MS is trying to regain its position back using gaming.

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crazychris41242757d ago

They wont ruin PC gaming but they will ruin their chances of competing in the PC market if they dont fix the issues with UWP like multi GPU support, forced V sync, exclusive fullscreen and poorly optimized games.

iceman062757d ago

My first thoughts too. They can't ruin something that they are tying to be involved with. But, they could ruin their own chances for competing in the PC gaming market.

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