Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts Overhyped?

Loot Ninja writes:

"We have all heard about Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts a lot since E3 this year and everyone made a very big deal about it, but after watching this clip I have to say that I am unimpressed."

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Silogon4412d ago

It looks like a PSN game to me. Man, that almost put me to sleep. What do you expct from boring characters created by boring developers, though?

cmrbe4412d ago

Its an over hyped piece of turd. Rare would have better off developing games for the wii. Still no sign of KI3.

rosebowl234412d ago (Edited 4412d ago )

agreed but PSN games actually look fun at least

JoySticksFTW4412d ago

Let's dance, XBots

*sinister laugh*

MWaaahahahahahahaaahahaaa >:0

*end sinister laugh*


syanara4411d ago

well I don't see many xbox fanboys panting for it and im not worried either to me its just another game if my 360 didn't RROD then maybe I MIGHT get it but still its not something that really interest me

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taz80804412d ago

I continually hear how great this game is going ot be and after watching some clips I am thinking the exact opposite. The level design looks awful.

mohib-uddin79865324412d ago (Edited 4412d ago )

Hey this game makes me think like "What were they thinking"

mohib-uddin79865324412d ago (Edited 4412d ago )

But sony are much worse at making me think like that. i just dont get them

they can make easy sales from ps1 classics on psn and Backwards compatibality emulation

but they dont do it

HighDefinition4412d ago

Might have been more impressive if people didn`t see games like RC:FTOD.

Platformers are fun, but Banjo`s graphics (IMO) are ugly as hell besides the character himself.

That sucks, cause platformers thrive off being beautiful to look at. IMO.

sonarus4412d ago

The graphics are good. The colors are a little too much in my opinion but thats the only complaint.

The game at least to me looks pretty boring

HighDefinition4412d ago (Edited 4412d ago )

Approve this.

Story`s about MGS4, GTAIV, HALO3 being overhyped get approved, why shouldn`t this?

mohib-uddin79865324412d ago

I have to admit i have NEVER EVER seen a Banjo fanboy on the internet?

HighDefinition4412d ago

you should have been here the day they announced it.

DEMAN 214412d ago

[email protected]

I agree, with good games like RC:FTOD with good graphics and cool gameplay, and cool characters, it's hard to take this seriously.
And the occasional frame-rate drops keep this from being anything spectacular

Peekay4412d ago

who lives in the open zone is a Banjo fanboy. He even has a Banjo profile pic

rosebowl234412d ago (Edited 4412d ago )

I agree completely. The old Banjo games were awesome, and while I love the art direction of the levels (Banjo himself sucks and is square on purpose so they can increase graphics elsewhere) in this new Banjo, the rest is complete rubbish. All videos just show him driving around in vehicles... and that's about it. The gameplay is atrocious, the graphics are subpar, etc. It's no wonder they're selling it for so cheap. I cringe every time I see someone say this game looks great.

rroded4412d ago

omg i thought this would b a good buy for the kids but looks awful and i doubt it will hold their interest at all. Was really hoping for something more of a platformer but this looks like a pointless driving game...

lowcarb4412d ago

Banjo looks perfectly fine and will probably be a really good game.

jwatt4412d ago

Honestly when it was first announced it seemed like it was hyped alot but I haven't heard people talk about it in a while. I don't think it's overhyped.

militant074412d ago

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marionz4412d ago

and as ive said before no i dont think its over hyped, if anything its under hyped, rare dont go all out to hype there games like a certain company with a certain game that just happened to be rubbish...i think we all know who i mean.

this game is getting alot of negative things said about it for no good reason, mainly from people that dont like xbox anyway so there oppinion really doesnt matter anyway.

i love games, people need to stop hateing, get over it and just buy both consoles that way you will allways get to play what you want, finally getting a ps3 next month so i can play the sony games ive been missing and i cant wait!

but from all the hands on previews banjo has allready gotten alot of praise, doesnt matter how much people slag this game off because to me it looks great and im getting it day one, thats all that matters.

CAPT IRISH4411d ago

one banjo fanboy right here

gaffyh4411d ago

Only problem I have with this Banjo is that they have ruined it IMO. The game looks like it will play nothing like Banjo 1 and 2, which were both great platformers (and great games in general).

All they needed to do was improve the graphics and make a sequel, but it looks like they have ruined the gameplay.

Bubble Buddy4411d ago

I just finished watching the vid and if the game is mostly driving elements like that, I think it will do poorly. They should stick to the old Banjo concepts.

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taz80804412d ago

This is supposed to compete with Little Big Planet but I dont think it will come close IMO. LBP looks childish but it is supposed to in a way, Banjo just looks last generation and poorly designed.

Fanboy Fart4412d ago

", Banjo just looks last generation and poorly designed."

How would you know is poorly design, i guess you are an art director or something like that. It's funny how people keep repeating what they hear on the internet without knowing anything about it. lol.

mohib-uddin79865324412d ago (Edited 4412d ago )

Banjo Kajooie 64 is good

really good for its time

but Banjo Kazzoie: nuts and bolts just seems like a horrible idea

taz80804412d ago (Edited 4412d ago )

Nostalgia is one thing but a bad looking game is another. I agree that hte old version was good for its time but this one looks like time has passed it by.

The title also does look on the boring side, the main focus is building hte vehicle, that has to get old fast. Reminds me of the ship building thing form Kingdom hearts, that was cool for a few minutes and then you would abandon it. This game revolves around it, soudns boring.

Splenda144412d ago

why do you think its 40 bucks

Sitdown4412d ago

reason Viva Pinata 2 is $40 the same reason NFL2K5 was $20.......because they can be.

Hellraizer4412d ago

why is too human, haze, lair, alone in the dark 60 bucks?