X08: Cliff talks Gears 2's 'Seriously 2.0' achievement

While at today's Canadian X08 event, Xbox360fanboy's own Xav de Matos had a chance to chit-chat it up with Epic's Cliff Bleszinski (lucky turd) and learned something very, very interesting about Gears of War 2's achievements. Specifically, Cliff confirmed that Gears 2 will include an upgraded achievement based on Gears of War's original "Seriously" achievement. The freshly new "Seriously 2.0" achievement will require a whopping 100,000 kills to unlock. Yes, you read correctly, 100,000! But fear not, the achievement task isn't what you think, because "Seriously 2.0"'s 100,000 kills come from both single and co-op campaign gaming. So, no multiplayer kills will count. Xbox360fanboy says, bring on the Locust and give us our second helping of Seriously Gamerscore.

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zethos564855d ago

But as long as there are things to keep people playing SP and co-op this will be awesome.

neeharb4854d ago

What i mean to say is that it must really have 100's of enemies running we can blast their fcukin ugly arses hehehe...Bring it on

RoidRage4855d ago

That "noobs" 360 debut game sold more in a week than 22 year veteran Kojima's MGS4 did in it's first week(and MGS4 was sold in a bundle).

GameOn4855d ago

Gears was sold as a bundle too but point taken.

deeznuts4855d ago

Roidrage your point being? Cooking Mama on the DS sold more than every single PSP game probably. Is it better?

Fruit Loops4855d ago

there wasn't a nice selection of good games when GeoW came out, that's why it sold more than MGS4

kewlkat0074855d ago (Edited 4855d ago )

for Resistance: Fall of man.

Gears of war was just kick-ass and it lived up to the hype.

Plus not everybody is into Shooters so regardless, the game came out a year later with other games in the library, which is still more of a selection.

Plus the 360 is a great Shooters console thanks to XBL and to me(that controller). Gears came out the right time and did well. think about it what was out when Resistance came out?

On Topic: I probably won't get that achievement, I don't play games for them but that is for that hardcore player. Where is that Article with the topic: WHAT KINF OF ACHIEVEMENT WHORE ARE YOU?

I'd be at the bottom.

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HeavyweightInTheGame4855d ago

It took me a year and a half to get 14000.

cannonsimp4855d ago

OMG! thats way too much. Lets say you play one act a day thats about 75-100 kills. That means you would have to play one level every day for about 1,000-1,250 days straight! Thats 3-3.5 years.

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The story is too old to be commented.