Hitman Launches Today, Players Report Significant Connectivity Issues

After an initial delay last year, Hitman launched digitally today as an episodic title; the first episode showcases a prologue set twenty years earlier—as seen in the closed and public beta—as well as the first assassination contract taking place at Sanguine, a high-brow fashion show in Paris, France. IO Interactive have emphasized their interest in creating a living, breathing world populated by live events to encourage and drive community interaction.

Unfortunately, players are reporting a significant connectivity issue that backfires against IO Interactive’s ambitions. Hitman can be played offline, but a good portion of the game relies on server connectivity to sync player progress, in-game achievements and feats to unlock more content, the Contracts mode and Escalation mode; the servers are continuously disconnecting players, preventing them from accessing most of the game.

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Skate-AK1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

How lame is that. Two betas and still had server issues. Next-Gen should mean more than framerate and graphics. Where are the next-gen multiplayer experiences? and I am not talking about Destiny, The Crew, The Division etc. I am talking about rock solid server stability and higher tick rates for all competitive shooting games at a minimum.

I understand that things happen but the rate that we have had server problems across both platform and several games, it shouldn't be happening with such frequency with the prices we all pay.

fanboysmackdown1966d ago

Mine's all wacky here in Canada too so glad it's not just my connection futzing up. No biggie, I can still play offline.