The Legacy of Kain Lives On In Nosgoth

Many gamers may not remember the Legacy of Kain series. Not having an official release since 2003, I myself only experienced Soul Reaver as a passing fancy, back in the days of my youth when PS1 demo discs were still a thing. Nosgoth sought to fill that gap, finding Square Enix partnering with Psyonix to provide a free-to-play multiplayer experience set within the Legacy of Kain universe—and if anyone knows multiplayer it’s Psyonix. Nosgoth offers fans something they can love, and also gives newcomers a fun game they can enjoy even without knowing much about the franchise. CGM sat down with System Designer at Psyonix, Jacob Mott and Design Director at Square Enix, Bill Beacham to discuss Nosgoth’s creation and future coming out of early access.

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MeleeDamage1577d ago

The first Blood Omen, Soul Reaver and its sequel are a few of the best stories to be found in gaming! I hope that one day this series gets a true revival in the form of a fully-fledged story-based sequel or faithful spin-off (not Dead Sun though).

DivineAssault 1577d ago

Ill try it out.. Love that series.. Not sure about the F2P aspect though

Hitoemi1577d ago

Nosgoth is a hollow POS area moba. Its not a legacy of kain.

Majister-Ludi1577d ago

To me nosgoth isn't in that series. I understand same universe but the original games had such amazing stories and gameplay. I picked up all three recently off steam for like 8 bucks total. Still great games that hold up. I would be all over a reboot of this game.

Tdmd1577d ago

Meh. Give us a real Legacy of Kain game! Heck, I'll even settle with a reboot/remake!