Game Republic Meets For 360 Game

It's been known for some time now that Game Republic, the developer of Genji, is hard at work on a second Xbox 360 title, this one promising more international appeal than its first game for the system, the disappointing Every Party. Today, company president Yoshiki Okamoto provided an update on the project via his blog.

In an entry flagged as 6/13, Okamoto stated that his company had a meeting earlier in the day to discuss this "Xbox 360 Project." The team fine tuned the game's maps and had discussions about the movement of the stage bosses. Okamoto believes that his team has worked extremely hard, and has produced a game whose visuals can rival the best works from other companies. He expects to be able to have a playable build ready in the near future

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Sphinx6520d ago

Hmmm, well, show me what you got, Game Republic!

Schmitty076520d ago

Attack its weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE

OutLaw6520d ago

But I also have to admit I never heard about that game. (Every Party)

Schmitty076519d ago

I think that was a launch title for the 360 in Japan

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Yoshiki Okamoto: Japan's Game Maverick Speaks

Yoshiki Okamoto is a luminary of the Japanese gaming industry. He got his start in the '80s at Konami, producing arcade classics Gyruss and Time Pilot, before moving to Capcom to work on such hits as 1942, Street Fighter II and Resident Evil.

In 2004, Okamoto left Capcom and founded his own development studio, Game Republic, which has since produced a number of games, principally on behalf of Sony -- the Genji series for PS2 and PS3, Brave Story: New Traveler for PSP and Folklore for PS3 comprising the lion's share of the company's output.

Now, as the company moves forward into the mature next-gen market with a contract with Brash Entertainment on a Hollywood movie licensed title, Okamoto discusses his dissatisfaction with Game Republic's output up till now.

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