Killzone: Shadow Fall at £4.13 is well worth a look

GMD: On the PS4’s launch, Killzone: Shadow Fall dazzled gamers with some incredible graphics. The campaign wasn’t quite up to the same standards though. It wasn’t bad by any means, just a bit ordinary and not exactly something that screamed ‘next-gen ideas’ at our faces. The Helghast’s new cat-face mask (see picture) is a bit of a facepalm moment too. The multiplayer was fun though and is still fun for newbs today as the weapons are unlocked from the start. At £4.13 for a bundle copy, it’s certainly worth a shot. Hell, I traded mine in years ago and I’ve decided to double dip at this price.

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gamerz1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

Only played for an hour and don't really have the desire to play more. Nothing wrong with it but doesn't grab you either. K3 is probably my favorite in the series with K2 being excellent as well.

sweendog1573d ago

Should have been a ps+ title by now

Sciurus_vulgaris1573d ago

Shadowfall is a decent launch game; however, it is not as fun as it's predecessors.

fei-hung1573d ago

They should turn the mp into a f2p model.

Ickythump311573d ago

I had a lot of fun with the multiplayer portion of this game.. played quite a bit of it.

Null19801573d ago

I thought the multiplayer was quite good. Never finished the single player and probably never will. I still hit up the MP from time to time though.

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