Microsoft needs to clearly articulate its vision for PC gaming

Developer unrest over the UWP is justified; MS has not earned the benefit of the doubt, and has a responsibility to be transparent with its partners.

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Free_Fro1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Patience ..

Everything will be as clear as day in due time.
How open will UWP be? They'll have to strike a balance.

Can they make the majority happy?
Villainous Microsoft ^_^

Overload1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

There has never been anything that everyone was satisfied with. Just get over that, it's part of life.

You edited your comment..

Overload1581d ago


He changed his comment.

Free_Fro1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I said,

"one thing is for sure, not everyone will be satisfied"

If the majority are happy, it's still not everyone.

The wordings aren't all that different.

"There has never been anything that everyone was satisfied with"

Well, No sh*t Sherlock.
No Xs and Os for you.

freshslicepizza1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

when steam first came out people were upset about needing the steam client and so on. as it evolved it became the go to place. is it perfect? no. however unlike valve microsoft needs to be more open and transparent through feedback and phil spencer so far has shown all the right signs of being that but other people from microsoft need to be as well.

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memots1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )


As much as i like Windows10 on my laptop, i don't see this as being viable for gaming.

Death1581d ago

If I can purchase a game from the Xbox marketplace and play it natively on my PC then UWA's will be welcome. If you are a PC only gamer, the incentive isn't as strong. I'm looking forward to Universal Apps between my phone, console and PC. That doesn't mean I will use them exclusively. I will still use Steam and store bought games.

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DethWish1581d ago

I removed Win10 from my laptop. Now I'm running Ubuntu.. That speed!

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Maxor1581d ago

Without mod support UWP is going no where. It'll be a place to play some games where mods and customization is not a priority like MS crossplat games sure. But it won't be the ultimate destination.

Steam is the feature king of the gaming world, not just the PC gaming world so I don't see them unseating Lord Gaben anytime soon.

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rainslacker1581d ago

Most of the advantages I can see for UWP right now are on the non gaming side of things. It's actually huge for general software development. Things like Java and .NET were a similar principal, however UWP is supposed to be more robust...however it is tied to Windows operating environments which will still limit it for some developers making Java or .NET more applicable.

For games, what little info I've seen seems to be sparse, although I've seen enough to wait for more information about it thanks to another user on here who decided to discuss it without all the fan boy connotations.

UWP is going to be one of those things that either is really great for games, or going to set back development if MS tries to force it's adoption for use to run in Windows. However, given the recent Sweeny incident, and Spencers reply, it seems that it won't be detrimental overall.

Overload1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

From NeoGaf and I completely agree.

"It's Xbox One pre-reveal all over again.

- potentially terrible plan with vague benefits
- poor explanation of said benefits
- the context makes the plan look even worse (back then, Kinect focus. Today, studios closing down and games going multiplat)
- a small community of loyalists defending the plan to the teeth using "what if"s and wildly optimistic conjecture"

It really isn't that different at all.

bleedsoe9mm1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

ms isn't responsible to explain anything that is happening to win or WUP to pc gamers , its an open platform . people will either adopt it or they won't , they will either spend money with ms or they won't , not like pc gamers have a lack of options . now ms should be transparent with its software partners , if they aren't thats a problem business wise . and from a business perspective its long overdue for ms to leverage the popularity of Windows gaming to benefit its shareholders .

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