MWEB GameZone Review: The Division's single-player is contagiously engrossing

MWEB GameZone writes: "Is there enough for players wanting a singleplayer-style experience in The Division? We review the campaign as a solo run to see."

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DesVader1586d ago

I am going to buy this game!!

Hanilugtehul1586d ago

Playing it on ps4 its great:)both solo and Co op With friends is great fun:) peace:)

zerocarnage1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I've been playing it solo and I must admit it is very engrossing. Soon as you get to areas that are for levels 12 and up the challange of the game goes up which is sweet..

I played a few missions in co op on hard and its been fantastic. It almost feels like people are chatting once more and the social days that seem to have been lost this gen have returned from the 360..

Great job ubi..

HanCilliers1583d ago

So happy that the SP turned out as Ubisoft promised