Fire Emblem Fates sells 400K copies in the U.S. despite just 9 days on market

Nintendo has turned Fire Emblem into a hit franchise.

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DivineAssault 1577d ago

I saw 2 people buy both copies of this game.. IDK why because its cheaper to download the other chapters but they still bought both.. I was fortunate enough to get the special edition but if i didnt, i wasnt going to buy it at all..

Theres a nice prologue in it and its the best way to experience this installment.. I love this series ever since it was on GBA but nintendo has a habit of not making enough special editions or limiting the amount people buy.. The ebay prices are insane just like majora's mask special edition..

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LAWSON721577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Price will probably not drop and the person is a collector or someone who does not want digital games or picking it up for a buddy, which is more common than you may think.

DivineAssault 1577d ago

Yeah but people on ebay have 50+ copies.. I got mine so im cool but others are paying $200 for it

Sentient5451577d ago

I ended up picking the Japanese copies up instead. NoA committed too many localization offenses with the English edition.

iTechHeads1577d ago

First weeks sales are the majority since they also include months and months of pre-orders. The numbers of days is pretty irrelevant. For example the next month, which is March it will have 30 days on the market but it will sell much, much less. This goes for any game and especially to Nintendo fans in particular who always seem bring this up.

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TheColbertinator1577d ago

Fantastic series. Finally getting the respect it needed for so long

jfcdoomblade1577d ago

I bought physicals of Birthright and Conquest. No regrets.

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