2006: Sony kicked Serious Box Office Arse

Sony Pictures leapfrogged all its rivals in 2006 to gain the largest share of global box office takings, thanks largely to the success of The Da Vinci Code, the film version of Dan Brown's bestselling novel, and Casino Royale, the latest Bond film

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SPAWN5446d ago

Forum dude! Too bad they didn`t kick arse in the video games world LOL!

DJ5446d ago

They still have the #1 console on the market. The PS2, a 7-year old console is kicking the 360's ass in both hardware and software sales month after month. PS3, while in short supply, is still highly sought after by millions of gamers.

FirstknighT5446d ago

Aye Dj, once again, your wrong! You can find a brand new ps2 for $70 and brand new games ranging from $5-$10! There are alot of hardworking families out there and this is a huge deal for them! From the many articles that I'm sure you read...The ps3 is not selling as hot as the 360 was when it came out! Word is starting to come out that the 360 is just better and cheaper. Only ones buying the ps3 are the loyal fans.

Genki5446d ago

Casino Royale was a masterful bond flick, on par with the Roger Moore movies IMO. I'm very excited about Spider-Man 3, and while I'm not sure what else Sony Pictures has in store, I hope they keep churning out quality films. Kudos on the success.

r10005445d ago

Pirates of the Carribean 3 coming this summer

Genki5445d ago

Although I wasn't terribly impressed with the second one, it was still a solid sequel, and I just hope they close out the trilogy well. I'm not expecting anything mind-blowing, but I do expect it to do well at the box-office.

FirstknighT5446d ago

Yeah 2007 will be a big year for Hollywood. I think every studio will have a big name movie out. Spiderman3, Transformers, Pirates of the Carribean 3, etc...

power of Green 5445d ago (Edited 5445d ago )

Dirt cheap PS2's and it's dime a dozon titles better out sell new $400 dollar console's.

lol PS2 is also kicking the PS3's ass and actualy hurting PS3's sells, no one wants PS3, you're right about maybe a couple of million more Sony fans that like PS but are in no hury to get PS3, the casual trendy bulk of the game industry on the other hand; will pass it up, Horray! For hollywood though.

Dirt cheap products from the lower end of the market shouldn't be compared to high end hardware. lol

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