EA Star Wars Battlefront. New Tatooine Survival Map, Flawless Match Video

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted gameplay video from the new EA Star Wars Tatooine Survival Mode Map. He was able to play the entire way through without dying.

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DarkOcelet1579d ago

The game sure looks beautiful. Still waiting for the Ultimate Edition price to drop to 60$ before buying it.

Good run btw :)

Garethvk1579d ago

Run being the key word. I had the Hoth one going well and then died twice. The Sullust one was tough. So now a couple weeks later when this came out, I was able to get through it.

DarkOcelet1579d ago

Well, congratulations for getting through it :)

I think you did pretty good.

Poli_Games1578d ago

My brother is still playing this game and loving it. Im waiting for Bespin DLC.

Garethvk1578d ago

I am on the fence about the DLC. We were told we were not getting review code for it as EA was not making it as available as they did review copies of the game. Do you guys think it is worth it?

Miguelitons1578d ago

Congratulations for the playthrough without dying!