Assassin's Creed Dev: We Want to Take Time to Develop a Great Game W/ Unique & Meaningful Experience

Assassin's Creed Game Director Benoit Lambert stated that the team wants to take the time to develop a great game, with a unique and meaningful experience for players.

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KaiPow1581d ago

I'm all for taking a year off from the formula. Last year felt one-note with Mad Max, Batman, and AC: Syndicate all sharing that same style of combat.

1581d ago
Chris_Wray1581d ago

It's nice to hear that, but since almost every Ubi game is practically the same but reskinned now, i'll see it when I believe it.

GreetingsfromCanada1580d ago

Far Cry, Rainbow 6, The Division, Assassin’s Creed, etc. Really all the same things, can't tell a difference.

Garethvk1581d ago

I think this is wise. The pressure is huge as look at COD. Sure more time would be great but your stock holders want a new game every year. So they added a third developer which allowed a game a year and gave the other two an extra year of development time.

itsjustexuma1581d ago

They just have to release Beyond Good and Evil 2 by the end of the year and that could replace Assassin's Creed this year

WiiWareWave1581d ago

Yeah and no bugs or glitches this time right?

Alexious1581d ago

In theory, taking more time should also translate in more polish. Then again, open world games will always have some bugs.

-Foxtrot1581d ago

Until you reboot it and give the series a meaningful overall story so it doesn't just feel we are jumping from location to location where that's basically the only "wow" factor of the new instalment I can't imagine people getting excited again no matter how long you spend on it

NovusTerminus1581d ago

It doesn't need a reboot, just another story arc so it's not just mindless locations with no real plot.

-Foxtrot1581d ago

Course it does. It's went no where and is going no where

They need to go back and filter out most of this First Civilisation stuff while having someone like Desmond to keep everything together

TFJWM1580d ago

@-Foxtrot (POSSIBLE SPOILER)I have a feeling Desmond is going to be brought back to life with the shroud in the next one...

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