The Division Agent Training 101: Dark Zone Basics

ThisGenGaming says "The PvP area in The Division known as the ‘Dark Zone’ is where you’ll find the best loot, the hardest enemies and some intense PvP action. The Dark Zone represents the area of New York hit hardest by the pathogen and it’s thus the most dangerous area in the game. Your success in the Dark Zone is highly reliant on your tactics and your knowledge of the basics. For anyone new to the game and looking for how to succeed in the Dark Zone, here are the basics you need to know."

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WrestlingNewsFan1575d ago

I suck at the Dark Zone so I'm hoping this might help.

Relientk771575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

When you get killed by another agent it says they can take your loot. What or how much "loot" do they take?

edit @ below: so basically all the loot that u found in the dark zone?

Koopdogg1575d ago

Any DZ loot that hasn't been extracted

Ozmoses1575d ago

all the loot that your carrying on your person.

if you die with no loot you still lose credits/exp and any DZ keys if you have them...

applies to both other people killing you and/or NPC's killing you.

if you're in area by yourself and die you can usually run and grab your stuff for the most part pretty easy..

it's a different story when you die with other people around then I will see all the stuff you dropped.

also if you are killing enemies and they drop items the other people won't see those... you can leave the items on the ground and watch the people run right by them.

here's a video I took earlier of getting my first purple. I made sure the other guys walked guy so they couldn't tell I was picking something up.. I just make it look like I run around collecting ammo and DZ credits.

HaveAsandwich1575d ago

youre probably just not strong enough. if youre by yourself, and underpowered, you have to get good at sneaking and running. lol

YinYangGaming1575d ago

Dark zone is so fun, good tips here!

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1575d ago

I just read some of it... Why the hell are there npc's in a pvp mode? Do they have a dedicated pvp with a closed-in map and ONLY players as opponents (instead of npc's being there too)?

HaveAsandwich1575d ago

npcs are always there. without them, it woudlnt work the way they designed it. there could be pvp only area though, sure.

Thisgengaming1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

@YingYang Thanks, glad to help!

Relientk771575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Thanks for the hints

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The story is too old to be commented.