Hardware Upgrades for Consoles is a Bad Idea and Microsoft Corporation Should Realize That

Earlier this month, Microsoft Corporation revealed what plans they have in store for the future of their products, more specifically, their Xbox One console. The Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, laid out information which contained no ambiguity and meant exactly what it was supposed to. We learned that the consoles we know, and how we think about them is about to change, thanks to Microsoft’s new bold vision.

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MCTJim1579d ago

I completely disagree with everything you wrote except for this: "It is yet to be seen how Microsoft’s strategy is going to play out for them. This coming E3 will be an interesting event and should give us a clearer picture on the future of the Xbox platform."

OC_MurphysLaw1579d ago

Right there with you. I don't want nor do I see a reason for console generations lasting 8 to 10yrs anymore.

hells_supernova1579d ago

What if they become infinite. A modular console that each year new modules are released maybe every two years that is easy for every consumer it keeps the box ahead of hardware trends and give it Windows 10 as the OS and it becomes the best platform for the mainstream.

DivoJones1579d ago

Exactly. I think people are taking his comments a little too literally. He said on Major Nelson's podcasts that they're not sending out screw drivers and cracking open the case to upgrade components. He views it more like how Apple rolls out phone upgrades every year. Sometimes it's just a slight spec upgrade, other times it's a significant change like retina screens or fingerprint sensors. And now that phone carriers aren't subsidizing the phone cost, people pay $700 for an upgrade.. hell I could buy a new xbox two years in a row for the cost of a phone. I hope they DO put out upgraded console variants.. put in DDR5 ram and a better video card and take away PS4's resolution boasting.

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Mithan1579d ago

I disagree too. I want upgradable consoles.

Mrveryodd1579d ago

If its done right its agreat idea . imo

ARESWARLORD1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I agree with you if you can afford to buy the upgrade great have the better graphics. if you can't that's fine you still have awesome graphics and you can still play the same games

majedx91579d ago

nop becuse M$ will force you to upgrade every time like making the next HALO/FORZA/GEARS exclusive to this upgrade.
*remember wii legend of zelda Accelerator Adapter BS if you don't have it you can not play the game

TFJWM1579d ago

Why not just get a PC and put it next to the TV...

d4v03331579d ago

ummm...I don't know if it is really just going to be upgrading your console with different hardware than what is the point of this? Just buy a PC and case closed. That is the whole point of the console you pay couple hundred bucks and you know you don't have to spend anymore money on the hardware side for years to come.

n4rc1579d ago

That was never really the point of consoles.. Just a side benefit for giving devs fixed hardware to work with..

And you can still do that if you choose.. But why not have it both ways? Stay stock or upgrade as you wish

VivaChe1579d ago

Don't like it; we'll be in the same boat as PC, having the big new games always one step ahead of your hardware. I like knowing with consoles that once I buy it, I can play all the games that come out for a while.

esmittystud1011579d ago

I'm the same way. I don't want to have to worry "if my rig can handle it."

ARESWARLORD1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

As far as I know you'll still be able to play all the games. They will just run at a higher resolution on the newer Hardware

Goldby1579d ago

what about when the ram on the original xbox one cant handle the games anymore? do you opt to reduce amount of content in game or just not be held back form original xbox?

high end mobile games (is that even a thing?) on iphone 6s do not work on iphone 1 or 2 in some cases. why would you want to give the illusion than any game made for xbox can work on all console without upgrading becuase that is a lie, or else i would be playting Witcher 3 on my old windows 98 computer with 32 mb of ram...

i swear people are starting to either have selective reading, or have gone completely insane

ShottyatLaw1579d ago


Please stop exaggerating a fairly easy to understand concept. The issue isn't to never upgrade. Obviously older models would eventually be phased out like your Iphone example. How is that any different than typical console generation leaps, though?

After an updated model comes out, you start to see the previous model slowly phased out of production. After two or three new models come out after that, the newest software stops running on the original model. For those who bought the original model, it's been about 10 years by that time. Go buy a new "next-gen" system like before. Enjoy all of your old games, and all of the new games for another decade.

Enthusiast may want to upgrade more often. Now they have a choice. Developers will still have fixed system specs to aim for on the scaling, and if UWP works as intended, they will receive assistance from the tools themselves.

It's an interesting plan that could add something new to the console space. There's a lot to be skeptical about the idea, but I just checked outside, the sky is not falling.

n4rc1579d ago

They do that because completely separate companies want to sell you a new GPU every 2 months where console devs will only work within the upgrade path laid out by ms.

esmittystud1011579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

So I'm going to have to upgrade my X1 every few years to be able to play the latest games at the hightest quality for that machine?

This is why I never built a PC. I didn't want to worry about upgrading it every two years to be able to play games at the highest quality for that platform.

"Is my rig going to be able to handle this?"

Its like a broken record for every PC release. Same thing every time. I just didn't want to have to ask myself this constantly.

How's Qunatum Break running on that two year old rig now?

I also bought the X1 for there exclusive games which are no longer exclusives I guess..........

Luckily I have a PS4 and a Wii U as well. Even buying a PS4 with a 2 TB HDD, an X1 with a 4 TB external HDD, and a Wii U, it was still cheaper than what I would have in a gaming rig. I stoped my pricing building a PC when I hit $2500 and I still needed a monitor among other things like mouse and keyboard.

But I know, I know, a PC is an investment that you build up through the years. Even though guys never end up stopping there upgrades. Too costly and it sounds like X1 is starting to go that route. Not as server on cost as PC, but I'm going to have to drop more money now, if I want top of the line gaming on that console.


hells_supernova1579d ago

I am sorry but my 2 year old rig runs the Division (beta) at high/ultra in some settings. It looks better than consoles and doesn't cost a fortune.

For two/three years I have not had to even worry about upgrading. My PC total cost would be $1300 NZD.

Which is about 875 USD

Not such a huge investment and I get to play RTS games it is a win win :)

I still get consoles and own one but this argument is always silly IMO.

esmittystud1011579d ago

If you can settle for "some" high quality more power to you. But I couldnt. Plus I would also be restricted to one platform vs three.


PC > PS4

PC is not:


To each his own.

hells_supernova1579d ago

You cannot settle for some high settings but you are happy to settle with all low settings?

BlackTar1871579d ago

What Graphics card do you have and Motherboard and Processor? Also what type of RAM and how much are you running? I kinda want to price check your rig from 2 yrs ago.

hells_supernova1579d ago

R9 290
8 gig DDR3 ram G Skill
8350 CPU (I think from memory that's the cpu)
no idea what motherboard, power supply etc I have.

I would have to double check when I get home.

BlackTar1871579d ago

Damn man that graphics card is still almost $400 what did you pay for it 2 yrs ago?

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Nobody's making you upgrade you used the correct word it's want if you want the best graphics available you will upgrade if not play it on Xbox One and it will look just the same as your PS4 don't be a baby

BlackTar1871579d ago

It's crazy to me why people are not comparing this to a PC and then why not just buy a PC?

The entire reason to buy a console for most is ease of use and a singular price point on the HW.

It's weird how all the sudden everyone wants to be able to upgrade yet were not standing on roof tops saying how great it was about PCs

Masterofwiiu3ds1579d ago

It's always a terrible idea because there become games that only work with the upgrade. Historically, when game systems split the user base, it doesn't work out well. Third parties won't use it (unless they are given extra money by MS) because they don't want potentially fewer customers, and only MS games will really take advantage of it.

Death1579d ago

What do you think a dev will have to do to take advantage of upgraded hardware? It's no different than what we have seen with PC for decades. Have you noticed PC games are sold as a single SKU? There aren't multiple versions for different hardware builds. Devs make a game for Windows and performance is based on your hardware. If the hardware is upgradable it prolongs the life, not reduce or split it. PSVR has the potential to split the userbase since it's being sold as a new platform.


Yeah your hundred percent right on that bro

Goldby1579d ago


SO explain to me why my rig i made 4 years ago cant run quantum break. minus the whole needing to upgrade (ill melt my pc before moving up to win10)
theorestically because its a PC and only one SKU is made for it, it shoudl run, but it cant, becuase of hardware limitations (and software) that is what will happen to people, mainly uniformed parents i might add, they will end up buying the cheapest version of the xbox, becuase they will see it as a sale. heck look what 100$ differnce between ps4 and x1 did. those people who buy the original xbox won't be able to play newer games, or if they do, the high end wont be able to take full advantage of their system. if xone has 8gb of ram, and xone.5 or 2 have 16 or even 32 gb of ram, games made for that wont run on the original. and games made for original will just look nice.

4k Destiny will look nice but still be empty as F*. where as if a game like destiny was built around the newer consoles in miond, they can take advantage of the extra memory.

Case in point Call of Duty Black Ops 3. ps3 and 360 have no single player because the system cant handle all of it. to keep the MP and Zombies up to par with ps4 and X1, they had to skim around the edges, in this case, 1/3 of the game had to go.

Do you honestly want that from games every few years. no ill stick with my ps4 that i know will be able to run games for 5+ years and then spend the same as a new video card for the next system that again will work for 5+years.

Death1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


You have two choices as far as your question goes. Either your 4 year old gaming PC you built is imaginary or you went with older/cheaper tech in your build. The minimum is an R7 260X which is weaker than the 4 year old Radeon 7950 and the 4 year old i7 3930 outperforms the recommended i5 processor but isn't as efficient when it comes to power consumption. Of course Windows 10 which is required and free you also refuse to use.

I'm leaning towards your rig being imaginary.

BlackTar1871579d ago


You perfectly outlined why PC games have multitude of issues running for people when new games come out.

Good job

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