In Defense of Physical Discs in Console Gaming

BidnessETC "Paul Tassi at Forbes thinks video game discs are stupid; we beg to differ."

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PhoenixUp1581d ago

Physical games will always have a place in the console and handheld markets

naruga1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

No physical media =end of gaming for me, i wont pay 60$ for a digital product that exists somewhere with limited access and high risk to expire for whatever reason.No matter what every clueless wannabe-game-journalist says about the advantages of digital games, their arguments just seem to serve specific politics..

ufo8mycat1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

This may sound silly, but one of the reasons I like physical media, especially for those amazing games like TLOU, is that I can look up on my shelf and while I gaze by each game I remember the amazing experience I had with that game. Its like a journey through all these amazing games I played lol

yeahright21581d ago

This probably won't ever happen, but I'd like to see them go the route of indiebox. They put a steam key on the side of their box incase you want to keep the box and its goodies as a collector's piece.
Or maybe something like what movies do now where they give you a digital version along with the bluray.
Of course the problem becomes how do you stop people from just giving the digital code to Johnny Cheapskate?
Maybe charge $10 or $15 more for a version that has both? I dunno.

Sinak1580d ago

Obviously when you buy a physical game you can later trade and sell it after your bored of it. Another huge advantage of physical game is security. Suppose you account gets hacked, guess what all your games are now gone. How can people say digital is way better?