How Does Nintendo Woo the 'Average' Gamer with NX?

OJ from PlayerEssence discusses how Nintendo can convince the average PS4 and Xbox One gamers to purchase a Nintendo NX.

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Hoffmann1574d ago

Easy answer. It doesn't.

BrandanT1574d ago

Wow, I guess this guy speaks for every gamer out there. All hail the mighty Hoffman!
*slow clap* /s

Hoffmann1574d ago

Don't forget the champagne /s-eriously!

2pacalypsenow1574d ago

well they haven't done it since the SuperNES days

Free_Fro1574d ago

Easy, just continue to be themselves.

I'm not even a fan but I can acknowledge their efforts.

And, they're always innovating. Both hardware and software.

Dual screen /DS and

Splatoon, for example.

others follow.


Vegamyster1574d ago

They need better online, marketing & 3rd party support, if they can't get 3rd party support then at least make sure there is a consistent stream of games so there isn't 6+ month droughts. I don't mind fun little gimmicks as long as it doesn't limit/detract from the game experience or jack the price up.

2pacalypsenow1574d ago

They have been doing that, and it hasn't worked

WeAreLegion1574d ago

Just gimme some chocolates. That's all I want in this life.

I think to get gamers, they need 3rd party support. They're still making great 1st party games. They just need the 3rd party support that PlayStation and Xbox have.

esmittystud1011574d ago

- Third party support
- produce something that looks/plays just as good as PS4/X1

Yes, that means 1080p/60or30fps for games that PS4/X1 are outputting them at.

They need multiplats bad.

This is coming from someone that has a PS4/X1/Wii U as well. The Wii U is okay. I have alot of great "old" games, but nothing new really other that Super Mario Maker. Zombie U is okay. Donkey Kong Country 1,2,3, Super Punch Out, Super Mario 64. Those are the oldies I play on the Wii U.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1574d ago

- produce something that looks/plays just as good as PS4/X1

Wii U already has games that plays better but not look.

Errefus1574d ago

Secure exclusives, and no more hardware gimmicks. Cross buy between handheld and home console. Hardware on par with current gen or better.

wakeNbake1574d ago

Having more power than the PS4 would give it a percieved edge over the other consoles right off the bat.

I really doubt it though.

gangsta_red1574d ago

Power doesn't mean much if there's no games to back it up.

wakeNbake1574d ago

Which is why they need to secure third party support from major publishers.

gangsta_red1574d ago

Even then, will that make them successful or win back gamers?

If most already own X1 or PS4 (or both) with the 3rd party support already established, why would anyone buy an NX to play the same game?

Even if it's more powerful no 3rd party is going to add any extra features, it'll just look a tad bit shinier. I don't think that will be enough personally.

But I guess we have to see.

2pacalypsenow1574d ago

And bring the online into 2016

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The story is too old to be commented.