BlazBlue's slow death and fighting game oversaturation

The current sad state of the BlazBlue franchise is an example of what happens when the fighting game market is oversaturated and fanbases are fractured.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_082515d ago

I don't like multiple versions of games because that means if you want to play with new fighters, same way with racing games, you gotta drop money on a new game instead of updating the one they released already. Thankfully that won't be the case with SF V and Guilty Gear Xrd since they are just going to be updates for them rather than making it on another disc then releasing it again, including Mortal Kombat XL and Killer Instinct. Now this part i disagree with is fighting games being oversaturated!
it's called choices. Apparently this person never heard of it! fighting games can come in many different ways! they can 2d side scroll like SF, KOF, BlazBlue, Guilty Gear with characters that has cool abilities, 3D fighting games like DOA, Virtua Fighter and TEKKEN with realistic moves so no i wouldn't call this being oversaturated, it's a choice for ppl to make to what cater to their taste of brawlers they like.

kevinsheeks2513d ago

Quick question though doesn't each game further the story? could they implement new stories as dlc possibly?

Skate-AK2513d ago

Guilty Gear did get that arcade update but they are kind of doing the same thing as BlazBlue. They do have the same developers after all.

Vhampir2513d ago

Blazblue is probably my favorite fighting game, and knocked 3rd strike down a peg. When Continuum shift started releasing like it was Street Figther 2, I took a step back. I bought chrono phantasma on vita and it's online was even dead in a week.

Now it's just pointless to buy the vanilla versions of any of them. Bought CPE during the black friday sale for PS4. I'll probably wait for a sale before picking up central fiction EXTEND.

Wyld-Woo2513d ago

As a teenager growing up in the 90s, only fighting games offered us competitive gaming in the arcades and on the couch with our friends. Then the games industry changed and we all had way more games to choose from to get our competitive itch. For me the choice of fighting games is just right at the mo. However, I do believe releasing more than two versions of the same game in one generation is very damaging to that games community. I like the street fighter model going forward but Capcom still has much too learn, if they intend to release other games like this.

What's strange is I've just purchased this game. Never played a game from the series before but I've played a few arc systems games over the years. I bought the game for the single player action due to the content. Cost me the same as a couple of drinks in a pub from a second-hand shop.

I'm blown away by how strange but very cool this game is...

KaoSouL2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

I've played over 800+ hours of Blazblue (and counting), through 6 1/2 years, from the X360 to the PS4, with only $148.97 invested. Add in the fact Arksys also makes Guilty Gear and P4 Arena, they've easily entertained me in excess of 1,500 hours for less than $300.

Compared to $60 games I've only played through once.... Dragon Age Inquisition (120 hrs), The Last of US (14 hrs), Bloodborne (41hrs)... I literally have a $3,000 pile of next gen games that collectively haven't even provide 500hrs of entertainment.

Blazblue is the better value.