Sony to hold Recruitment Event for Lionhead Studios

On Monday, Sony will hold an event in Guildford to help recruit affected Lionhead employees after the closure of their studio.

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Abash2048d ago

Nice to see Sony wants to get some of the talented developers at Lionhead. Fable Legends may have been a troubled game but I'm sure the folks at the studio are capable of creating and helping develop some great games

MightyNoX2048d ago

They'd be a good fit in Guerrilla Cambridge and they're close.

Aloy-Boyfriend2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Media Molecule is even closer, and to think that studio was formed by ex Lionhead devs... They might become one again

amiga-man2048d ago

Sony have always tried to tap into the best talent to support the Playstation brand, their first party studios and support they give them is one of the reasons I trust the playstation to deliver, as it always does

Blastoise2048d ago

To be fair, I doubt Lionhead ever wanted to make bizarre free-to-play co-op RPG's and on-rails kinect games. They're clearly projects MS wanted them to do.

I think they should have been given the chance to redeem themselves with a no nonsense Fable 4 before getting the axe

Gazondaily2048d ago

Nice one on Sony. MS' loss is their gain.

MightyNoX2048d ago

@Kurapika: Touche! Forgot MediaMolecule was made by Ex-Lionhead Devs!

rainslacker2048d ago

For developers at a top tier studio, they're probably going to be quite capable of getting the job done. Bad games from from mismanagement, bad game design, and poor direction mostly. The game itself worked, so it's pretty obvious they have some talent given the scope of the game.

Wish them all the best, and nice to see both Sony and Epic, along with some others which seemed more off the cuff, being pro-active in hiring talented people. Would be a shame for good talent to go to waste.

DLConspiracy2048d ago

Super nice thing to do. I wonder if they will be holding job fairs for the other affected studios? Or is this just for Lionhead only?

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miyamoto2048d ago

As usual the PlaySaviour 4 to the rescue!

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4Sh0w2048d ago

Good for them, nobody likes to see anybody lose their job.

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freshslicepizza2048d ago

so instead of adding funding to keep studios like their liverpool team that made wipeout they want to turn this into a pr event?

RedDevils2048d ago

Wish Sony first party, I feel confident in every generation the games will never runs out even with no third party supports.

AngelicIceDiamond2048d ago

Good on Sony they could use the Talent from Ex Lion Head devs. I'm sure they'll make great games for them. Also happy they have jobs again as well.

joab7772047d ago

Yeah, the whole 4v1 didn't pan out. Bioware realized this earl enough.

BUT...maybe the assets can be used for Fable 4 or a Fable reboot. Oh wait, MS probably owns the IP right? Damn.

But adding these talented people to their own 1st party studios is amazing.

Just go grab Peter and give them the green light for the next amazing open world rpg. Remember all the promises that were never kept. Well, now we have the tech to see the dream realized.

pinkcrocodile752047d ago

Sick bags at the ready.

Sony trying to help suggests that ms are not trying to relocat emp-loyees, thats clearly wrong as we've been told they are actively seeks placements for all staff.... funny how that little tid bit gets forgotten.

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notachance2048d ago

whoa, Sony's own Fable incoming?

Good Guy Sony, btw.

equal_youth2048d ago

Imagine the new studio Titel: LionsTail :O

Dewitt2048d ago

Microsoft owns the Fable rights.

notachance2048d ago

@dewitt: I know, I mean a game similar to Fable. Fable the lost chapter is the first game I bought with my own salary, the title means a lot to me.

hells_supernova2048d ago

I hope not Fable has never been that good

UltraNova2048d ago

Why would Sony need a Fable game? I mean even xbox fans didn't like most of those games enough to buy them, if they did MS would have more trust and patience for Lionhead and they wouldn't close them wouldn't they?

Good on Sony for offering them a job. Now I'm not sure how many old veterans were there to begin with (the devs that made Fable 1 and 2)but they would make a nice addition to Media Molecule.

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Overload2048d ago

Something to keep in mind, Media Molecule in Guildford are mainly made up of ex-Lionhead employees.

Kribwalker2048d ago

Ms did the same when Sony Santa Monica had massive layoffs

AngelicIceDiamond2048d ago

Good On Sony. Though devs switch bases all the time. 1st party 3rd party, the link you provided etc.

bouzebbal2047d ago

layoffs doesn't mean studio closure.. layoffs is for trimming, you keep only the best. Studio closure everyone is out.

AizenSosuke2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Super good guy Sony

Channel-Live2048d ago

Why dont you people please STOP IT!!! MS did the same thing when Sony Santa Monica laid people off. This fan rhetoric is disgusting.

Fatal-Aim2048d ago

Huge mistake by Microsoft. Sony us basically going to extract every bit of talent from these guys, something Microsoft did not focus on very much at all. Remember Milo?

BigLurch2048d ago

Typical Sony,exploiting unfortunate recent events for a pr advantage.

hells_supernova2048d ago

Can you not just be happy that people will have a job moving forward?

dmeador2048d ago

Haha. This has nothing about being a "good guy". They are trying to recruit great people to help their business

subtenko2048d ago

Sony with kojima, and lionhead, just comeon in theres plenty of room! :D <3 playstation has great kind people. I admire them

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Neonridr2048d ago

people helping people.. it's powerful stuff.

Eonjay2048d ago

Who could disagree with that?

WeAreLegion2048d ago

Dogs. 20% of N4G's user base is canine.

TwoForce2048d ago

I'm glad Sony is helping them.

Herbalistic2048d ago

Its always good when companies within the industry step up and help others in need of work

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