PSP-3000 includes more than a microphone and improved screen

PlayStation LifeStyle decided to take a look at what the specific differences are in the Updated Slim PSP-3000 model. There may be more changes than you are hearing about…

Comparing the specifications provided by SCEA on the new PSP-3000 with the specifications provided back when the PSP-2000 was announced, PlayStation LifeStyle was able to spot a few key differences. They have listed the differences in a table showing that the greatly improved LCD screen and microphone aren't the only changes.

It also appears there are differences in:
- Weight
- Button configuration
- Video output capability


Update: Weight for the PSP-3000 is the same as PSP-2000. Turns out Sony hadn't updated the PSP-2000 specifications on the site.

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StalkingSilence4687d ago

Tagged as a rumor because it's not announced to be 33% lighter. As it stands this is a typo on the page. The slim was 33% lighter than the fat. This is the same core design as the slim. So unless they changed the battery design or something... i dunno.

Plus, others hadn't discussed the new interlace video format output.

So maybe this shouldn't be tagged as a rumor.

StalkingSilence4687d ago

SCEA never updated the page to include the new weight. so the 33% change in weight is incorrect. However, the news of button labeling changes and added video output interlace support is correct

plain rice4687d ago (Edited 4687d ago )

This is not breaking news. lol

Please use the original title.

Skerj4687d ago

That's going to be pretty crazy, the Slim already feels flimsy compared to the original PSP. I guess this one is going to be so light you won't even notice it in your hand.

pp4687d ago

I'll rather wait for microsft hand held with way more features and better graphics

militant074687d ago

microsot relasing its game on Nintendo DS i dont think they thinking on xbox portable

jcfilth4686d ago

Portable Bombs are not very welcome these days ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.