Gaming as a New Dad

Dustin from LVL4Gaming talks about his time gaming while being a new parent.

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Neonridr1580d ago

It's an adjustment, that's for sure. But at the end of the day it's just a video game. Watching your kid grow up and being a part of their life is much more paramount. I would never trade a minute of it back so I could game for a few more hours.

OC_MurphysLaw1580d ago

Completely agree... as a single person you just can't understand how life changing this is and also how great it can be. I recall in my early 20's thinking never... I don't want that. Now that I have had my son come into my life I can't fathom life with out him here. Gaming is great and fun...but it pales in comparison to the joy of being a father.

Neonridr1580d ago

Absolutely. I find creative ways to still play some games here and there, but it's usually after he is asleep or if I am home alone.

Krypto1580d ago

Yeah been sacrificing my sleep so I can game once the kids are all sleeping, but I never took away that time I could spend with them. I don't see myself ever stop gaming.

lvl4gaming1580d ago

I agree completely with you, which is why I only game after they go to bed. Gaming is a hobby watching your kids grow is the life.

Lighter91580d ago

I wished I had stopped playing games for good when I became a new dad. Lots of regrets.

yeahright21580d ago

Some of my happiest moment come from teaching my girls how to play Mario. I love every minute with them, but the earliest memory I can recall in my whole life is my grandmother trying to figure out how to play Zelda 2 so that she could show me. So teaching my youngins' how to play a game holds a special place for me.

Aleithian1580d ago

I'm about to go through this. I've switched to only playing late at night to try to prep, but man o man, this is going to be a change.

Rebel_Scum1580d ago

Yeah I hope your baby doesn't wake up sometimes every hour at night when you want to do that (Can happen).

I've relegated myself to just playing 3DS and Vita because they're more convenient to stop. Good luck.

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