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Kailan May writes: I love dark games. I love it when its grimdark, chewing on the scenery with more ham and cheese than a sandwich factory (e.g. Warhammer 40k), and I love it when its straight-faced bleak, unwavering in its determination to show terrible things constantly happening to everyone (e.g. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men). I’ve even thrown my money at the screen as soon as I’ve seen how dark a game’s atmosphere seems (e.g. Darkest Dungeon‘s Kickstarter, where I spent $95+ due to the concept and aesthetic). So I had been looking forward to a dark action-RPG, one straight-faced or smirking through lost-teeth and bleeding swollen lips. After playing Grim Dawn, I now sympathize with the idea that games can promise you more grit than chewing on a road and yet be so, well, boring.

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