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Posted by Ryan Clements on Mar 10, 2016 // Social Media Specialist

Even in the clutches of a ceaseless winter, this planet supports life. Cat-like creatures prowl through the cold, hunting tirelessly and growling at my approach. The dunes around me are icy and dark, and the chill wind eats away at the thermal protection of my suit — paltry layers between me and a frozen death.

This is one of quintillions of planets in No Man’s Sky. Some are exorbitantly beautiful. Others are cruel. And at a recent event in Los Angeles, the team at Hello Games showcased how “survival” plays a central role in this interstellar exploration.

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Ozmoses1575d ago

I can't wait!!! I shall name my first frozen planet.

"The Icy Planet of Ice"

ArchangelMike1574d ago

Yeah, if I find a frozen planet I'm so gonna name it 'Star_killer_Base!' Or is that trademarked already! :)

ShinnokDrako1574d ago

If i find a beach-like planet, i'm going to call it "Naked".

Only naked people allowed.

Goldby1574d ago

gonna get me a planet and call it, Ondees' Nuhtz

that way when people land, they land "on these nuts"