Popcap Annouces Plants VS Zombies: Heroes With A New Trailer

Popcap Has announced Plants Vs Zombies: Heroes is coming to mobile platforms to bring more of the botanical battle versus the undead to gamers.

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Alexious1577d ago

Looks cute, though I'm not much of a mobile gamer myself

Garethvk1577d ago

I am not either but like the series.

Masterofwiiu3ds1577d ago

I got excited, thinking it might be one of those huge scale combat style games, like Dragon Quest Heroes. Then I watched the trailer...

Trolltroll1577d ago

There are other better promo vids that show actual gameplay. Those got me interested again.

They made it a vs. Battle Type game looks fun to me.

Smokeeye1231577d ago

the original PvZ was a great game.

Then EA swooped in and made the shittiest sequel of alltime.

Garethvk1577d ago

Are you talking PVZ 2 or Garden Warfare?

Austin481577d ago

Garden warfare is a spinoff I guess he means the sequel and I don't blame him it was only on mobile and full of micro transactions.

Garethvk1577d ago

That makes sense. I did like GW 2 but I agree, the micro transactions which was a phase EA was going nuts with killed it for many. Dead Space 3 pretty much derailed their Micro Transaction party.

KentBenMei1576d ago

I'd get it for Vita, I enjoyed the first one on the system. Platinum!