Europe: Wii U games join Nintendo Selects lineup in April

Back in September, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Selects program for Europe – select Nintendo 3DS titles getting both a reprint and a permanent discount. Today, Nintendo announced that several Wii U games will be added to the lineup on April 15th. Each game will cost €24,99 / £19.99, both in stores and on Nintendo eShop. The games are:

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derkasan1042d ago

Surprised that the UK is getting different discounted games than the US. Hopefully Wind Waker and NSMBU get a discount stateside.

DivineAssault 1042d ago

Why does the US get different select titles? I hope nintendo does away with region locking when the NX gets here.. If i didnt have these titles already, i would want to import..

Shuckylad1042d ago

Really wanted pikmin 3, the boxed version is like rocking horse shit.