Sony: PlayStation VR Is “For The Mass Market”, Will Be “Affordable”

Sony has said that its PlayStation VR headset will be “affordable” as it’s been designed “for the mass market”.

The company has not yet announced how much the virtual reality platform will cost but Worldwide Studios’ president Shuhei Yoshida reiterated comments made last year by PlayStation CEO Andrew House that it will cost the same as a new gaming platform – most speculate it will cost in the $350-$400 range.

While Yoshida and other Sony executives would not be drawn on how much PS VR will cost ahead of an official announcement, the word “affordable” was reportedly used frequently.

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Relientk771662d ago

Hoping for that $300-400 sweet spot

hells_supernova1662d ago

I honestly thought that all the silence coming from Sony meant it was up around the 500-600 price mark.

Very relieved to hear this news. It'll be interesting to see how it compares to the competition now.

This also depends on what else you would need. Does this include the camera or is that extra etc

I cannot wait for their press conference where all this will be cleared up

donthate1662d ago

I'm thinking a realistic price is around $400-500 considering the PS Move and the camera as well. That is not mass market pricing right now for consumers that are paying close to $300 for the console.

freshslicepizza1662d ago

“If you just talk about the high-end quality, yes, I would admit that Oculus may have better VR,” says hardware engineer Masayasu Ito."

at least he's being honest. now i firmly believe it will be in the neighborhood of $350 to $400.

TheFanboySlayer1662d ago

I think they are going to release a VR bundle for like $500 but if it is sold separately then I think $350-$400.

Kal-V31662d ago

I'm thinking $500 max bundle..say with camera, Move and a game or 2.

Rimeskeem1662d ago

If they can hit 300$ it would be huge. That means someone could buy a PS4 and VR for it for less than the vive.

jmac531662d ago

I'm hoping $300 only the headset and maybe $350-$400 bundle with camera,move controller and maybe a game.

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Overload1662d ago

They have a very large base of potential consumers, so they better get the pricing right.

Eonjay1662d ago

From the Polygon article:

"Yoshida says that like much of the public he was surprised by Oculus’ price announcement, given the company’s early public statements suggesting the Rift would cost less." So yeah it wont be anywhere near $600

Overload1662d ago

I'm expecting it to be $299-$349.

DragonDDark1662d ago

$400 and $500 are possible...

donthate1662d ago

Does that mean that Sony will now price their headset higher and reap some profits?

Sony definitely needs profits right now, considering how dire the company is in.

I do hope Sony prices it low though for adoption sake.

rainslacker1662d ago


Depends on if they're profit focused, or focused on making VR more accessible for long term gain. Sony is known to put out expensive tech cheaper just to gain market and mind share.

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Eonjay1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Thank you, Yoshida-san. Thank you very much.

Benjammin251662d ago

I'm actually looking forward to playstation VR more than Oculus. I know that may sound stupid but if the price is right, I'll definitely be picking it up day one.

Dabigsiebowski1662d ago

Why does it sound stupid? The PS4 is one of the greatest consoles made imo and VR is brewing up the perfect storm to be a monster. Plus the games so far for it look promising but I'm really excited to see whats in store for it. There are bound to be huge titles yet to be announced for it. Very exciting times indeed! PS4life!

Eliseo6761662d ago

I keep seeing Sony saying it will be cheap and affordable for a VR product, but there is no price in sight.

I do hope they announce it before E3.

Eonjay1662d ago

Expected price reveal is in about 6 days. If you can hold out for six more days I'm sure you will have your answer.

MasterCornholio1662d ago

Sounds like what they did with the PS4. Then at E3 everyone cheered at the PS4s price announcement. I believe Sony is looking to do the same with PSVR as a way to generate hype.

ravinash1661d ago

That would give a boost to both VR and the PS4.

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