Eight Pokémon that Would Have Made Great Additions to Pokken

Many speculated who would fight in Pokken Tournament and many were disappointed at all the Pokémon that were left out.

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Scrivlar3055d ago

16 playable characters? From a total of 754? That is shocking.

wonderwall973055d ago

I wonder what is the file size if they included every Pokemon

Scrivlar3054d ago

Haha massive most likely, to only have 16 though... that's some Battlefront-esque Shit right there!

AKR3054d ago

Currently playing a review copy of the title. I can tell you that while that is a pretty limited amount, it's kind of needed. Unlike a typical Pokemon game, you're not going to find yourself swapping between characters often.

Each Pokemon in Pokken fights VERY differently from each other. They're pretty much their own character through-and-through. So the limited roster gives you a chance to find one (or two) that suits you, and build up a solid play-style with them.

Scrivlar3054d ago

That sounds fair enough if it works for the game, I don't know if I'll buy it right away though, I like using lots of different Pokemon. Maybe Pokken is not the type of game for me, I think really I just want another Pokemon Stadium type of game.

Scrivlar3054d ago

Sorry mate my bad, I saw a site that said it had 754. Either way 16 from that is poor.

Avalanche3055d ago

This game will be a disaster if it has no DLC for more Characters

Zjet3054d ago

Scyther would be badass..

But really no Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee

Pinsir and Heracross would be neat too

MeteorPanda3054d ago

is breloom in the roster? l'm not even interested if that spawn of satan didnt make it in.

Ace3263054d ago

The file size is 4 gb I think. Kind of small, but for the first game of a potential series that isn't bad.


The Best Games Similar to Pokemon for PlayStation

There are many worlds out there brimming with wondrous creatures ready to help you on your adventure beyond Pokemon.

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LG_Fox_Brazil120d ago

Temtem is actually really good as a single player experience or as a co-op game. Played the shit out of it when it released


Pokémon Gen 10 Release Date Predictions: Are New Pokémon Games In 2024?

Even if Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have not yet completed their first anniversary, it is possible to predict exactly when Gen 10 is arriving.

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Pokemon Doesn't Need to Sue Palworld, It Needs to Get With the Times

The Nerd Stash: "There's been a lot of talk about Pokemon and Palworld recently, but if anything, Pokemon's new competition should be a sign to change."

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ChasterMies172d ago

Fortunately for Nintendo, the legal team is separate from Game Freak’s development team.

NotoriousWhiz171d ago

Unfortunately for us, as their legal team seems to be more competent than Game Freak's development team.

gold_drake172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

they do tho .. IF there is something to sue for. IP infringement is such a delicate thing.

but absolutely agree on the change

GoodGuy09172d ago

That, have longer dev time, and absolutely get rid of Nintendo as the exclusive platform. Imagine a AAA pkmn game on current consoles or next generation.

But money, they'll make billions with little effort.

badz149171d ago

you know that's never gonna happen

FinalFantasyFanatic171d ago

Gamer Freak, Creatures and Nintendo all have a stake in the Pokemon franchise, Nintendo especially will never let them go, I don't know how Creatures or Game Freak feels about it. Plus, the other two don't have a financial incentive to ditch Nintendo, they make mega bucks regardless. Although I think Nintendo should help Game Freak out more since they're clearly struggling, other they'll all just have to accept longer dev times and bigger gaps between games, or maybe just make some cheaper low-tier games in-between.

shinoff2183172d ago

Idk yall. I'd take a Pokémon jrpg over a Pokémon with guns, online play etc. Plus wasn't Pokémon mobile pretty fking big like 4 years ago then covid hit.

--Onilink--171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Even Scarlet/Violet had sold 24million as of early November (and undoubtedly sold even more during the Holidays), its not like they are currently suffering.

Yes, there are plenty of things I would like Gamefreak to do better, and yes I happened to like Palworld, but not because its a Pokemon clone, because its not, but because its a good survival game, something that I have zero interest for the mainline Pokemon games to become.

Most publications keep bringing up these topic ls just for clicks, because clearly the game is your typical survival game (most who do well on PC) with some Pokemon sprinkled in and not a Pokemon competitor, the core gameplay loop is clearly just Ark with dinosaurs swapped for Pokemon like creatures

And again, while I’m enjoying the game itself, I hope it doesnt set a new precedent for what we expect from game devs these days because, based on their other games, this developer really seems to basically just try to go as close as possible to ripping off other games without getting into trouble and then not really following up on those projects as promised (Craftopia players seem particularly angry).

I doubt they ever expected the discourse around this game to reach this level of popularity to push those insane sales numbers, and they actually take the opportunity to increase the quality of their work

FinalFantasyFanatic171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

I'm going to say something somewhat controversial, the last set of Pokemon games weren't that bad, it wasn't a great game, but a good game if we ignore the performance issues (and I personally didn't have many bugs).

They just need more interesting towns and NPCs (give them interesting dialogue, there's literally no reasons to talk to NPCs), interesting areas/locations (like the sunken ship and Bellsprout Tower), and some decent side quest, there isn't really any interesting side quests in those games, and fix the barely there lore for the game (Idk even know what was going on with those 4 "legendary Pokemon"). And maybe add less new Pokemon into the next game so they can transition more of the older Pokemon into 3D.

I think Scarlet/Violet had the potential to go from a good game to a great game if they implemented most of those ideas, but they also needed more development time to optimise the game as well.

Profchaos171d ago

Yeah agree id take a remake of red in the style of the links awakening remake any day of the week

Profchaos171d ago

No they don't I don't want any of the gameplay anywhere near Pokemon the only link between them is the idea of Pokemon except there's guns you enslave humans and Pokemon and there's a survival aspect.

Pokemon is fairly family friendly can't see Nintendo going ok let's give them m16s and slaughter each other

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