Rumour: Dark Souls 3 locked at 30FPS on PC

Let's take this with a pinch of salt at the moment, because it's currently unconfirmed, but according to Bandai Namco's online store support, the PC version of Dark Souls 3 will be locked at 30FPS.

"Unfortunately the plan is to keep the frame rate locked at 30FPS, but nothing has been confirmed from what I am aware yet" said the Bandai Namco representative in a response to a question from a customer on reddit called khawaja07.

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gameseveryday2055d ago

This is true I think. One of our writers got hands on the PC build and he says its running at 30fps.

roland822055d ago

No reason for this to be locked at 30. At least if its true it won't take long for modders to unlock it.

Double_O_Revan2055d ago

It'll take then less than a day.

the_dark_one2055d ago

like they did on need for speed rivals??? sometimes is not as simple as modders unlocking the frame rate

Xristo2055d ago

Until Durante gets a hold of the game.

Shinuz2055d ago

Seriously this is one of the dumbest rumors i've heard in a while.

Benjammin252055d ago

How is it dumb? Dark Souls 1 ran at 30 on PC until it was modded. This doesn't really affect me because I'm buying it on PS4 but I do feel bad for PC players if this is true, especially those who don't know how to mod. This is unacceptable in 2016.

Shinuz2055d ago

Yeah dark souls 1 which was never supposed to come out on pc but because the fans made a petion asking for it they said "ok we'll make it but we never did any pc games before so take it as it is, a bare bone port of the console version"

And then came dark souls 2 which ran smoothly at 60fps and was prettier than the console version, I highly doubt the third game will be locked a 30fps on pc.

Shuckylad2055d ago

Hope not, 30 fps is dog shit.

Benjammin252055d ago

30FPS certainly isn't better than 60 but it's still playable if the game was optimised to play at 30. What I mean by that is if a game is designed from the ground up for 30FPS like Bloodborne enemy animations will be longer, giving you more time to dodge or attack to make up for the increased latency. That seems to be the case here. The game might not run as well as it should, but it will still be totally playable on PC.

Timesplitter142055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Most games of the last 15 years have everything set up to go at a pace that is relative to the frame's "delta time" (the time since last frame), which means that the framerate doesn't actually affect the speed at which things happen. So for example, if you take an animation that lasts 3 sec, it'll take 3 sec to complete it whether you're at 15FPS or 120FPS. You'll just see it happen in less frames.

The only reason to lock FPS is to avoid irregular slowdowns, but it's kinda pointless to do it on PC where people can just tweak their settings to their liking. Given the option, I always reduce all of my games' graphics settings until I never drop below 100FPS. Anything under 60 is unplayable to me now that I'm used to this

Benjammin252055d ago

Well if a game is made to be played at 30, enemies usually take longer to hit you. A lot of the enemies in bloodborne can take like three seconds to hit you. If the game was made to be played at 60, enemies would probably be designed to hit you in half the time. Just what I think. I may be wrong though.
I don't think 30 is unplayable and I do game on PC quite a bit. Remember that during the ps1 days it was common to play some games at 15fps. Ocarina of time was 18fps for example. 30 isn't quite as bad as that. But you're right. All games should be at least 60 these days.

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The story is too old to be commented.