Analyst Injects Dose of Reality into Apple-Nintendo Merger Rumor

There's been a lot of talk lately about the possibility of Apple looking into buying Nintendo. It started when CNET posted a rumor-based story and took off from there, but what are the chances of this kind of merger actually happening? We speak with David Cole, president of DFC Intelligence.

The usually informative folks over at CNET have recently posted an extremely speculative piece on the possibility of a friendly takeover of Nintendo by Apple. "What could be more quintessentially left-field Apple behaviour than buying out the US's number three games console manufacturer?" asks author Chris Stevens.

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Sphinx6198d ago

...or merge... or even Apple come in as a fourth contender in the videogames war.

DG6198d ago

both have the same ideology so it makes sense. What Im interested is to see a great video game company combined with a company that makes the most powerfull consumer pcs on the market throw the two in a mixer and see what happends.

OutLaw6198d ago

I rather see MS merge with Nintendo.

DG6198d ago

Dont think it would work...too many egos clashing.

Lucidmantra6197d ago

MS actually thought about BUYING Nintendo outright during the planning for Xbox360. But they decided not to do it because even though they would get a huge boost in Japan they felt it wouldn't be worth the money.

Lostboy6197d ago

If Microsoft merged or bought Nintendo, it would bee the biggest tragedy in history. Lucifer buying the gates of heaven.

MoonDust6198d ago (Edited 6198d ago )

MSFT has been trying to buy Nintendo for a long time now.

DG6198d ago

But would Nintendo sell to MS? I dont think so?

shotty6198d ago (Edited 6198d ago )

Everyone has a price even sony. Too bad nobody wants to buy sony. Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo and Nintendo said no to everyone. I guess microsoft and apple are still courting nintendo. It would be funny if apple bought nintendo and then microsoft bought apple. Microsoft did save apple in 1997 when Bill Gates gave a couple hundred million to apple.

kingboy6198d ago

lol if it happends then i`ll like to see microsoft leave..stick to pc and leave their place to sega

Lucidmantra6197d ago

What the hell does Sega have to do with any of this? Anyone dumb enough to compare Microsoft to Sega needs to have their IP banned immediately. The xbox is a freaking writeoff to what Microsoft makes and is worth. They aren't writing big billion dollar checks to make a 7 SPE cluster that only performs 25% better than a triple core IBM CPU they had laying around already almost toattally developed and ready to go. Dang bro... You need to read something besides the funny pages.

Lostboy6197d ago

I don't even want them in the pc market. Windoze bites my shiny metal ass. Get Linux

PS360PCROCKS6198d ago

huh this would be odd, but ok...why would a game company be bought by an electronics company, what can apple help Nintendo with? A built in IPOD?

shotty6198d ago

You can say the same thing about Microsoft and they created a fantasic product. Apple and Nintendo have similiar looking products aswell.

OutLaw6198d ago

MS created the xbox from scrap and did homework on how to make a system. Apple on the other hand has no experience in the game market. Just buying a company doesn't guarantee you will be successful in that field. They would have to get their feet wet before I would buy a game system from them.

Lucidmantra6197d ago

WiiPod? PiiPod?

It makes no sense really APple has shunned gaming and gamers and game makers have always viewed them as a productivity machine not for gaming. Oddly Bungie was one of the few that actually made DECENT games for anything Apple put out but they are with Microsoft now.

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