Lionhead Didn’t Have the Slightest Idea What Was About to Happen

Now that the dust cloud surrounding the sudden cancellation of Fable Legends and the shutdown of Lionhead Studios is beginning to fade, a few additional details are becoming clear.

We knew that Microsoft was still not giving any indication about what was about to happen at the recent press event in San Francisco. However, what’s more troubling is that the folks at Lionhead apparently didn’t have any idea until the very last minute.

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pandaboy1046d ago

not gonna lie, there's a part of my giggling about it.

Chris_Wray1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

Not surprised, the relative failures of recent Fable games, while they sold, they weren't the critical or cultural darlings that they needed to be. Since Fable 3, what have we had out of Lionhead in the past six years?

In 2012, Fable Heroes which was boring at best for a beat-em-up. Also Fable Journey, a completely naff on-rails game that was tied to the dead-on-arrival Kinect when MS just couldn't let go.

In 2014 they release Fable Anniversary, which was just a remake of Fable + Lost Chapters.

Press Play stood no chance. Closed just four years after being bought.

Gaming4Life19811047d ago

Fable 3 was garbage so their last good game was fable 2. I agree with everything else you said.

frostypants1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

All things that MS should have considered BEFORE spending money on Fable Legends. The investment had already been made and the game was all but complete. Killing it now made little sense fiscally. It only makes sense within the speculation that they're killing off their first party development efforts as a whole.

r2oB1046d ago

People are hilarious. People will knock Lionhead because they haven't made anything since Fable 3 in 2010, and yet praise Remedy as the second coming even though they haven't produce anything since Alan Wake in 2010. Both Fable 3 and Alan Wake are around the same metacritic score, so it's a stretch to call one mediocre and not the other. Not to mention before Alan Wake, Remedy's last game was Max Payne in 2003, while Lionhead made Fable in 2004 and Fable 2 in 2008.

Point is, I don't understand how people can justify this by making claims of "what have we had from them since ..." And yet that same claim can be said for the developer of Xbox One's most anticipated game. Bunch of hypocrites.

Subaruwrx1046d ago

@r2oB - MS does not own Remedy Studios so, I don't know how you can compare Remedy with Lionhead Studios since MS can't close an independent studio.
That said, Remedy may want to reconsider their relationship with MS/Xbox after QB releases and look for a more secure partnership elsewhere.

r2oB1046d ago

@ subaruwrx

I'm not referring directly about the studio closure. I'm referring to the damage control people are using to try and rationilze the decision. Whether Microsoft owns them is irrelevant to my point, which is Lionhead is getting bashed by gamers for not releasing a game since 2010, and yet these same people will call Remedy the best studio despite them not releasing a game since 2010.

WelkinCole1046d ago

If they were forced to do Kinetic games then it would really not be there fault.

If they were forced to do only Fable like Bungie with Halo then it might have cased them to lose interest and quality suffered

Its hard for me to believe that all these devs are all not preforming at the same time and the fault sits squarely on them.

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Herbalistic1047d ago

Phil just spoke about how great the game was and all that other crap at the Xbox/Windows event and now the studio is closed

Alexious1047d ago

It is true that the studio has not been successful in a long time, anyway. They will probably give Fable to some other developer, if they choose wisely we may even get a better Fable than Lionhead was ever able to produce.

Golden_Mud1046d ago

Honestly, I believe Fable is dead; inspite of being an amazing franchise, Fable in the last 3 installments did not generate a lot of money.

They should sell the franchise to a more appreciative publisher, and that publisher should give it to a more capable studio (of course, a great designer, that's important).

SpeakTruthAlways1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

Don't believe in phil, He changes colour like a chameleon.

Condemnedman1046d ago

give it a rest trolling all the time

bggriffiths1047d ago

Seems stupid to leave it so late on. The new Fable was almost ready FFS, even if it wasn't going to be great, MS could have at least let them finish.

aconnellan1046d ago

Do we really know if it was almost ready though? After multiple delays and a 1.5 year beta, what indication other than random reassurances did we have that this game was actually making progress?

For all we know they could have missed multiple critical deadlines, and last week was the last straw. We have no idea.

For perspective no one knew the true troubles, delays, and crunches of Halo 2's development until some 9 or so years later when Bungie decided to talk about it, and no one had any idea at the time.

My heart goes out to those at Lionhead, I hope they all find great jobs

UnHoly_One1046d ago

Speaking just from my own experience in the Beta, and the fact that it was going to be F2P (therefore expecting more stuff to be added down the line), I felt like the game was finished enough to release months ago.

I really can't figure out why they didn't just release it.

iceman061046d ago

True. The only thing to consider here is that there are many F2P titles that have very long beta periods. (although I think that they use that term to remind people that the game is ever evolving and won't really ever be considered "finished" because of that) My other thought is that MS didn't really see a way forward for how to profit from the game. They had to maintain the servers, keep a team together for support of the game, promote it as a F2P title (we know the blow back that F2P comes with), etc. Either way, if everything we heard is true, they still deserved a bit of advanced notice.

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