UnKarted, the Final Game of the Uncharted Series?

It wouldn't be surprising to see an Uncharted racing game after Naughty Dog finalized both Crash and Jax with racing games. Though unlikely, it would be funny if they actually did do that.

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PhoenixUp2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

We actually got UnCarded not too long ago in the form of Uncharted: Fight for Fortune.

I would love to see a kart-racing The Last of Us, that'd be even more hilarious.

Null19802578d ago

Lol, I could just imagine Ellie shouting "What the f***, Joel?!" everytime he rams her kart. XD

Kallisti2578d ago

Don't you mean "The Fast of Us"?

WiiWareWave2578d ago

The Last of Us characters would be DLC. Ellie would finally be able to play a video game.

WeAreLegion2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Evolution really should make a racing game with PlayStation characters. Doesn't have to be a kart racer though.

Needles can be in his Sweet Tooth car, Drake in a Jeep, the Motorstorm buggy, Sly & the gang in the van, Wander on Agro, and Kratos in a goddess.

itsjustexuma2578d ago

Kratos could also be on a burning pegasus

WeAreLegion2578d ago

Realistically, yes, he would be. I just wanted to make the easy joke.

G20WLY2578d ago

I get that the article is probably joking, but I would LOVE this!

Repjaws2578d ago

"Kratos in a goddess",what?lol

SeanScythe2578d ago

Give each character their own custom weapons. bring in other naughty dog games and make it with the same level of graphics as uncharted and last of us. I would by this, also let us get off the carts/vehicals to lay traps or shoot people behind us. let u have a shotgun player so you can team up with a friend.

-Foxtrot2578d ago

I'd rather see Sony get a studio to make a Playstation Kart racing game similar to Mario Kart

However this time embrace it, don't get turned off that people will compare it to Mario Kart when there has been a shit load of Kart racing games over the years, even some before Mario Kart like how Smash Bros was inspired heavily by the Outfoxies arcade game.

They tried to change things around with their Smash Bros Playstation All Stars game and because they went for a "Only Supers Kill" mode it ruined it, all because they tried to run away from being compared to Smash Bros.

Fact is, it's going to happen so embrace it and try to make it better

I hope they would follow Crash Team Racing the most though, even if it's copy and pasted half of the features.

The hub world is something Mario Kart hasn't even done yet...I think Sony could pull it off.

Repjaws2578d ago

I didn't mind the "only super kills",me like a lot of other people who have never played Smash bros didn't mind it,the game was just poorly marketed.

-Foxtrot2578d ago

The fact is though it was the only way to do it, there wasn't options to change this. They should have just had a percentage or green to red health bar with the trophies hidden in item boxes activating your Supers

Bronze - Level 1

Silver - Level 2

Gold - Level 3

Platinum - Maybe makes you invincible for like 20 seconds.

Yucline2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Did you happen to read our other article about why there is no Mario Kart style game for the PS4 and Xbox One?

Personally I think it's a gap in the market and ideally I would love to see a comeback of Crash Team Racing as that had all the elements needed to make a goofy, fun racing game like Mario Kart as well as fun characters.

WeAreLegion2578d ago

I really really enjoy PSASBR. The "Only Supers Kill" system is much better for me than trying not to fall off ledges the entire time I'm playing a fighter. That's so freaking annoying to me.

-Foxtrot2578d ago

All they would have to do though is make the platforms larger so you can move around more so you are less likely to fall off.

Repjaws2578d ago

That's not entirely true,me and my cousins really enjoyed the formula,maybe in due part because we never played any of the smash games.We played nothing but this game for like two months because it was a lot of fun.

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