Sonic: “Special Reveal” Will Be Made At SXSW

SEGA is planning to unveil something special at its Sonic Panel which will take place at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The Sonic SXSW panel will kick off on March 19th and will feature an all-star cast including Sonic Creator Yuji Naka.

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miyamoto1227d ago

Sonic Generations 2!
Sonic and Tembo by Game Freak!

Snookies121227d ago

Generations 2, that's exactly what I want. I'd love to see a lot of levels from earlier Sonic games that didn't make it into the original.

DiscoKid1227d ago

The movie trailer probably if it's not a game.

Benjammin251226d ago

Please just be good whatever it is. I felt like the Sonic games were starting to get really good again. Then they blew it with Sonic Boom.

MegaRay1226d ago

Please god, dont let it have a "boom" in the title :/

BattleAxe1226d ago

Sonic exclusivity deal with Nintendo.

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