No Delay For Samsung Blu-Ray

Just yesterday, news about the Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray Disc Player release being delayed spread around the internet like wild fire, leaving a lot of Samsung customers disappointed. But this news sure will put a smile on their faces. The reported delay is NOT in the US market (I repeat not in the US) but in the UK, where they'd have to wait until autumn. As proof, right now, Amazon is already taking on pre-orders for this product. It sells for \$999.99 and is supposed to be released 2 weeks from now.

OutLaw6609d ago

I guess that's why Sony is still releasing the movies next week.

ACE6608d ago


OutLaw6609d ago

$999.99. It's funny how they don't want to add that penny so it could look like it doesn't cost a $1000.00. I'm Sold.

andy capps6608d ago

True, it's that way for everything though. This player looks nicer than Sony's player, IMO. Looking forward to seeing both in person though.

bernie6609d ago

Five Hundred Dollars for HD-DVD....
You do the math :)

OutLaw6609d ago (Edited 6609d ago )

1 HD DVD + 1 HD DVD = 2 HD DVD.

Islandkiwi6609d ago

So for a grand I can watch 50 first dates and the fifth element? Wow!

I like the 5th element, but it's not a grand kind of like.

Lucidmantra6608d ago

ROFLMAO... And it aint exactly a life long wish to see just exaclty how UGLY Bruce WIllis really is in HD DVD

Lucidmantra6608d ago

LMFAO... Sometime around the second thursday of the week after the BluMoon and then a month after that.

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The Price Of AAA Games Would Not Be An Issue If Most Actually Delivered

Many AAA games released in the last few years cost the full premium price but don't deliver nearly half as much quality.

Leeroyw14h ago

You disagree with the premise? How? I haven't played many AAA games recently that gave me a very good gaming experience. Except Indies and AA titles.

YourMommySpoils19h ago

Stellar Blade is the only game that delivered to me this year.

VersusDMC18h ago

That and FF7 Rebirth for me so far. 70 price point wise.

Snookies1213h ago(Edited 13h ago)

FF 7 Rebirth is absolutely astounding. Can't even believe that game is real, lol. The only thing that is personally frustrating me is going for that platinum... Those stupid hard mode minigame collectibles are going to make me lose my sanity.