PLAY review: Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty

If PLAY were in Insomniac's shoes, they would put the Ratchet & Clank series to bed. Four PS2 games, two PSP titles and a PS3 release is more than enough, thank you, and with no great innovation in any of them, we'd assume that it's time to move on.

At the very least, PLAY would consider revamping the series into a Mario-rivalling, Pixar-looking platform champion, instead of churning out the same hi-res PS2 shod on a bi-yearly basis. Still, PLAY don't live in Imaginationland, so PLAY will likely be cursed with games like Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty for a while, unless sales take a deserved crash through the floor.

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Silogon4688d ago (Edited 4688d ago )

Apparently this P*SSY SQUIRT never played R&C 2 and 3 because had he done so he would've seen over 9 planets play out better than anything Mario Galaxy had to offer. Yes, planets that traversed on a 3-d axis and had you working against gravity in a great deal of them.

So, since he wanted to add in "Mario galaxy" that proves this idiot hasn't played $#*T! R&C broke the doors off the fully 3-d traversal of planets well before Mario Galaxy did and did it better!

The only thing that needs to be laid to rest here are these morons. Aside from that Insomniac had nothing to do with the PSP versions of the series you stupid ass rash's. Do, know, and inform yourselves better for your job and the sake of not looking like idiots to your few readers.

flambeau4688d ago

I agree with you on what you said except that they could try to add something new into the series.

Silogon4688d ago

I agree they need to change up a bit and bring some new stuff to the table. I admit it fully, but to say they never ahve?? That's a lie. I think if the next installment doesn't astonish us and give us something new to play around with, after 2 years down the road on ps3 hardware, yeah it's time to retire the series... until then, these small psn games will bridge that gap perfectly for fans and non fans a like.

flambeau4688d ago

Ya, I want to see them give the player more freedom in the levels where we get to explore a lot of it rather than like 2 or 3 specified area. Maybe add more weapons or devices which I wouldn't mind.

Silogon4688d ago

What I want is the following

Real time traversal of an entire galaxy, not just planets bridged by cut scenes. I want to be able to land on a planet in real time and take off from that planet in real time and then travel t the next one.

Buying parts and getting upgrades, as you do now for your ship, would go a long ways in making things smoother, faster and easier to get around the galaxy.

I also would like to see Ratchet visit earth and interact with humans. It'd make for a pretty funny level/planet/parto the game. Like ahve them get stuck on earth for a stint.

there is a lot left they can do with the series and I hope they take or are taking the initiative to see that they are done.

Cajun Chicken4688d ago

A level...IN A PLANET, going through a system of tunnels full of enemies to reach the surface.
Spherical worlds need to come back, day/night systems.
Dr Nefarious needs to come back for comic relief with his butler.
Wheres Al been? Last time I heard he was a android...hmm, that sets some possibilities.
Need more Large Clank gameplay.
More optional frantic shoot outs.
I still see a strong future in R&C games because they don't let down.

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Bazookajoe_834688d ago (Edited 4688d ago )

And in so many ways..

Edit: "With no innovation in any of them" Is this guy high or is his parents siblings?

Winter47th4688d ago

Glad someone's finally grew a pair and said what needs to be said for a long time now.

kewlkat0074688d ago (Edited 4688d ago )

Mario is an Icon and came out at a time after the big video game crash, almost like a savior or something to that effect and all we did have, was 2-D side scrollers at the time.

You just can't compare Mario because Mario "the icon" has done a lot for the industry as whole. I can't even put R&C in the same sentence. "The Super Mario Brothers saved the gaming industry."

Nintendo just happened to make the most out of it's most important character by milking it but even some say it's time to stop.

3-D platformers are the continuation of the 2-D side scroller and yes have advance in many ways 3-D games have. For some reason the Platform genre seems to be dead. There used to be so much great 2-D ones(I can name plenty) but now you can count on one hand some great 3-D platformers, well R&C is def one of them.

For me these days after a TRILOGY you really have to work harder at re-energizing the genre. That goes for many games.

Mao4688d ago

Love it. Love Ratchet. Always innovates, always brings something new and fun to the table. If you wanna generate fanboy heat over a STEAL of a $15 game, do it with your friends. This is a pathetic excuse for a review.

Bathyj4688d ago

Mario is a dead horse, flogged.
Mario, Zelda, Pokemon. Nintendo should own Dairies, they are the master of milking stuff. I have nipples Nintendo, could you milk me?

R&C shouldn't be marked down just because its short or more of the same. Its not looking to reinvent the wheel. Its for the fans, the people who love R&C:ToD of which there are many, and want a little more action for a little more money.

And thats the beauty of PSN too, you can make these half games. If we had to wait for a full release we would be waiting alot longer or maybe not even get it at all for the sake of other projects.

badz1494688d ago

what the hell is wrong with this guy? he obviously hates R&C and then put Mario in there...he's DUMB!

"At the very least, PLAY would consider revamping the series into a Mario-rivalling, Pixar-looking platform champion, instead of churning out the same hi-res PS2 shod on a bi-yearly basis."

1. Ok, so can you at PLAY make one?

2. what exactly is Mario-rivalling? there's nothing wrong with you loving mario THAT much but are you going to review every single platformer by comparing it with Mario? or you just hate R&C??

3. can you please give me a better looking platformer than R&C:future?

4. it's a selling franchise, what is wrong with them keeping it in the market? you love mario, right? so, did Miyamoto stop making new Marios after it being successfull? Hell, no! and he even milked it in everyway imaginable! do you think Halo will stop at 3? think about it!

this guy is DUMBER beyond DUMB! he's not qualified to review any game at all because he couldn't even keep his fvckin head stays unbiased! rule no.1 in reviewing: you're asked to REVIEW, not COMPARE!!

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flambeau4688d ago

Going Commando offered some customization but after that they took it out til Deadlocked and that game sucked. But the rest I wouldn't mind seeing either but the earth idea would be interesting to see. But more exploration is a must.

drdre744688d ago

I'm getting it as soon as I finish the last PS3 game. I've had it for awhile and never really played it since i had some other great games to finish. Now I'm just getting back to it and kicking myself for not playing it earlier.

Raspinudo4688d ago

I love how reviewers have been so critical of Ratchet and yet so forgiving on Braid and Bionic Commando.

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