Ubisoft ask Destructoid to Take Down Beyond Good and Evil 2 Rumour

Ubisoft have asked destructoid to remove the rumour that surfaced on the internet a few days ago. This is very interesting

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Neonridr959d ago

Well this gets a little more interesting indeed.

LOL_WUT959d ago

I honestly hope it is exclusive to the NX. An aggressive approach is what Nintendo needs. No more playing nice. E3 should be good ;)

Aloy-Boyfriend959d ago

They can do that by funding competely new IPs not already-multiplats ones. Unless it is the Bayo2 case where no one wanted to fun it. Ubisoft shouldn't have a problem with funding their own games

glassgannon909959d ago

playing nice is not the same as playing dumb.I dont see them releasing bayo on ps4xb1 for the goodwill of the last game's fans...
nintendo doesnt play nice, they do business and have been making a lot of bad decisions lately, that is all.
and its almost like you want nintendo to make more money and care about nothing else,
screw the players of the older game , screw the people who doubt nintendo's ability to make a good console after U, screw the devs who give years of their life to a project only to bomb commercially because it was an unnecessarily risky venture just to please a few fanboys....
this needs to happen because then we'll have something to brag about on forums YAY!

Neonridr959d ago

@glassgannon909 - I'm really confused by your response, so you don't think Nintendo should try to secure more exclusives then? You would think that is a bad idea?

glassgannon909959d ago

As a gamer , i dont see how nintendo securing exclusives benefits meat all. Theyve had a shitty track record and unless theres major change in the company's thought process,. the nx will be another underpowered overpriced machine with little to no 3rd party games and some pointless gimmick .
No reason or evidence to suggest otherwise.Id be a fool to be willing to commit such a product even before its out.
Buying off prexisting games from different platforms just comes off as cheap to me.They could use the money to get a new game made instead.Im fine with that.
nintendo buying off bayonetta and devil's third didnt help me buy a wii u, products like these( well not devils third) enhance a console's library, but if the remaining 90% of the console is crap, these deals only end up being an annoyance.
bayonetta should be on ps4/xb1, but now that its on a nintendo console,youre either gonna have to buy a piece of crap wii u or not play the game at all.but nintendo wont share its game in an entire eternity, that you can be sure of.
the game deserved a bigger audience but alas, its been reduced to some bragging rights thing on the internet and nothing more.
can you seriously justify buying a wii u if you dont like nintendo games?be honest with me? and does that fact invoke confidence in anyone to buy an NX blindly?
then how pray tell , would i already be OK with a well known/loved 100% multiplat series being stuck to that one console for the next 2000 years?

Pastorfuzz959d ago

But how many more Wii U consoles were sold because of Bayonetta 2?

Hitoemi959d ago

Id rather be able to play it then to see Ubisoft try and support and unknown Nintendo console.

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-Foxtrot959d ago

Why would Ubisoft shot themselves in the foot with it being an exclusive. They know how long fans have been waiting and it could easily be a new franchise why restrict it to a Nintendo console of all the ones

WeAreLegion959d ago

Probably a Bayonetta 2 situation. Without Nintendo, it wouldn't get made. That's my assumption, anyway.

-Foxtrot959d ago

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been talked about for years I highly doubt Ubisoft wouldn't fund it themselves.

It's not a game which needed saving

rdgneoz3959d ago

No, Bayonetta 2 was a completely different situation. Sega declined the option to publish the sequel to a game developed by Platinum Games. They went looking for a new publisher (they're devs not publishers) and Nintendo were the only ones to bite at the chance.

Beyond Good & Evil was a Ubisoft game that was "developed and published" by Ubisoft. They have plenty of money to make the game (it's probably a case like Last Guardian where it's taking forever...). The only reason to sign an exclusivity deal would be for money, and Nintendo would have to put up a ton to cover the loses from not releasing a PS4/xbone version. With the PS4 over 37 mill and xbone almost 20, that's a lot of money.

WeAreLegion959d ago

So, you agree then? They needed money.

rdgneoz3959d ago

All they have to do is look at Titanfall. EA signed an exclusivity deal behind Respawns back and banked on MS coming strong out of the gate. The game still sold well, but with the number of PS4s that were sold they surely could have done a lot better.

With the NX, it's coming out late / early to the party. With the WiiU in 3rd place atm and a lot more PS4/xbones sold in comparison, signing an exclusivity deal will surely put a damper on sales. Hell, Nintendo hopefully doesn't expect it to be a system seller seeing as the original was a cult classic (PS2/xbox/GC sold only about half a mill combined).

truechainz958d ago (Edited 958d ago )

To be honest Nintendo probably gave a ton of money. The first one only sold 500k across all platforms so they probably didn't make a lot of money so they pretty certain their financial staff made sure they would make enough from Nintendo to get the game so they could forego what they would make in the profit of selling the game multiplatform. Just like Bayonetta 2 I doubt Nintendo expects it to sell all that well but the only reason to own a console is exclusives so they figure it is one more to have in the library. All this is assuming that this rumor is even true. That's not great for gamers who really don't want whatever the NX is going to be but I always own all consoles and have a PC so I'll be fine either way.

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gangsta_red959d ago

I'm think Beyond 1 didn't do that well in sales despite getting great reviews. It definitely got a following in the same way Shenmue did, but just like Shenmue it's not enough that a very small or niche group keep wanting a sequel to be made.

If this is true then I can see Nintendo going to Ubi and making a deal the same way they did with Bayonetta 2.

freshslicepizza959d ago

why restrict street fighter fans or tomb raider fans? it's called business and nintendo needs to make bold moves. we all know you want every game to come to the ps4 but sadly that isn't how the big players want to do business and will continue to use exclusives (timed or full) as leverage to buy the hardware.

AnotherProGamer959d ago

"Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been talked about for years"

By who? Ubisoft have barely said anything about it and have showed no interest in pushing more funding into it to get it out there

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AizenSosuke959d ago

So ubisoft is concerned so it might be true then?

Christopher959d ago (Edited 959d ago )

It could be that Ubisoft is concerned that it sends the wrong message as well. It's a very sensitive IP for them considering they announced it, what, three or four years ago and have done nothing since then that we know of?

Edit: even longer, since 2009. Wow, where has the time gone? I don't even feel older, it's just like time has slipped me by.

BadBoyC959d ago (Edited 959d ago )

Unless a second/third party developer or publisher can't outright fund a game or refuses fund a game due to financial reasons or said game is a brand new IP (like Kojima's new game or Scalebound for example) then I can understand why it would be exclusive and I have no issues with that. Other than that sequels to games or game franchises from second/third party publishers and developers that were previously multiplatform titles should NEVER be exclusive. They should ALWAYS be on multiple platforms and they shouldn't arrive on another platform a year later either.. (looking at you Square -_^)

Smh.. we went from buying up DLC last gen to buying up established franchises that were always on multiple platforms this gen. Seriously, we don't need Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft buying up multiplatform titles now. We REALLY don't need that. I'm not liking these new exclusivity trends.

Frinker959d ago

NX and PC exclusive, maybe?

LOL_WUT959d ago

Timed exclusive, console exclusive it doesn't matter all I want is for Nintendo to start taking things more aggressively. ;)

Nintentional958d ago

LOL_WUT, same here. Plus this partnership could mend Ubisoft and Nintendo's relationship after Wii U's.

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