Where is The Legend of Zelda Wii U?

When exactly is Zelda Wii U coming out? When is the release date? It is kind of hard to believe it’s been almost two years since the E3 2014 trailer, and we still don’t have a name for it. Andy from Macintyre Productions discusses the curious case of The Legend of Zelda Wii U.

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KaladinStormblessed2051d ago

They said it was delayed to 2016, so I expect it'll come in 2016. The year has only just begun, no need to worry.

3-4-52051d ago

Exactly. this article didn't need to be written.

It's like this person has never followed video games before and just randomly deciding to write about them one day " just because".

I feel like most of these "journalists" don't actually take any time to do any real research.

freshslicepizza2051d ago

it will be the big game for them this fall only i think it's being worked on to also be on the nx.

Sly-Lupin2050d ago

I think you'll notice that even real journalists (you know, people with actual degrees and careers) also frequently omit the whole "research" thing.

And can you blame them? Research is like, a whole *lot* of work.

Theyellowflash302050d ago

I can tell some of you guys didn't even watch the video. LOL

pcz2051d ago

shiguru mayamoto was drunk at the office and accidentally erased the entire project.

they have to start all over again from scratch

marloc_x2051d ago

Might you have been drinking when you typed his name pcz😌?

RosweeSon2050d ago

Yeah week after twilight princess came out as well think they'll give it a week or 2 before having a Nintendo direct.

AKR2051d ago

Nintendo has almost always talked about Zelda exclusively at big events like E3. They claim they didn't show it off at last year's E3 pretty much because they didn't want to tease fans, since they knew it wouldn't be ready anytime soon.

We'll see in 3 months — calm down.

higgins782051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Seriously, how many times over the years/decades must Nintendo need to justify themselves? Always questioned and critiqued, even with a history of delivering bold, innovative, polished and AAA exclusives. This is one developer with nothing left to prove to anybody - barring itself.

Sly-Lupin2050d ago

So long as they keep mismanaging their home consoles, people are going to keep criticizing and questioning.

Which is a good thing. Remember how poorly the 3DS did when it launched? And all the criticism and complaints Nintendo got from everyone (sans fanboys)? Because of that, Nintendo made an effort, and they turned things around.

This doesn't mean that all criticism is valid, of course: but the presence of criticism is always, always preferable to its absence.

Realplaya2051d ago

Why would they talk about that game when their trying to sell the Zelda that's about to come out. People need to use their head.

LOL_WUT2051d ago

It already came out as of last Friday, so I don't see why releasing more info about the new upcoming Zelda game would hurt it in any way ;)

Realplaya2051d ago

Actually it hurts because your trying to sell as many copies as possible. They can show the game a week before release and if it's good it'll get bought. Prob with Nintendo games they tend to show unfinished builds of games and they get bashed. Then when they game is fine the boo birds so chirping. I honestly would prefer they wait until the game has gone gold.

XXXL2051d ago

Getting a small teaser here and there wouldn't have hurt anything.

Perjoss2051d ago

They wouldn't even have to show anything, just a few brief interviews with Zelda devs to let us know how things are going and maybe even hint at some of the new features, just to get people a little excited. Perhaps even share a couple of pieces of concept art or small clips of the soundtrack.

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The story is too old to be commented.