The New Reverse Sleeve Cover For DOOM

Here it is – the new reverse sleeve cover for DOOM.

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masterfox953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

lol the one with baby!,

the baby is like F#%$%CK this S$%$it! XD

ZaWarudo953d ago

LOLOL That's amazing. Truly a thing of satanic evil.

TwoForce953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

BRING IT ! >:)

Timesplitter14953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

This new cover fills me with joy

NapalmSanctuary953d ago

Its not the cover, its the reverse cover. You see it when you take out the disc and booklet.

TWB953d ago

Its reversible though, you can take it out, flip it around and put back with this art as whats visible as the front cover.

-Foxtrot953d ago


However I don't see why they didn't make this the official art the other the reverse art

I hope they make this the Steelbook artwork aswell. That's just as generic.

Kyosuke_Sanada953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Pride I'm guessing but if they are considerate enough to let us change the cover then it's not too bad.

Perjoss953d ago

Marketing/branding departments think they know best, I guess.

Trilithon953d ago

the other depicts less violence and therefor will be easier to sell among parents who have little idea what the game is about and are purchasing it for their children.

porkChop953d ago

That should be the main cover.

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