Way of the Samurai 3 coming to PC via Steam

Ghostlight Interactive will bring Way of the Samurai 3, which is currently available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, to PC via Steam, the company announced.

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OoglyBoogly1966d ago

Serious question for anyone who may know the answer. Despite this being a PS3/360 game was this originally meant to be for the PS2? After just watching some game play vids of it this has to have the most 2000 quality graphics for a, then, next-gen game. Just found it funny and odd...

vanity291966d ago

Aquire don't care about graphics. WotS 4 is the same.

starchild1965d ago

They are not PS2 graphics, but yeah they're definitely behind the curve. Japanese devs tend not to put much emphasis on graphics. Rarely are Japanese made games very advanced in the graphics department.

quent1966d ago

Hopefully a 4th game is in the works, why else release this very dated game on pc now.

Anthotis1966d ago

There is a Way Of The Samurai 4. It's been available on consoles and steam for a while now.

quent1966d ago

didn't know that, i feel embarrassed now, I played a way of the samurai game a while back on pc, guess it was that one, 4 comes before 3 I guess.

TheColbertinator1966d ago

Such a good concept but horrendous graphics and sound