Wiiwarewave Review: Joe's Diner (WiiU eShop)

A review of Silent Future's haunted restuarant Title Joes Diner.

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GamerGabs3049d ago

An enjoyable read for a game that clearly isn't very fun. Definitely a title to avoid.

WiiWareWave3049d ago

The reviewers at Wiiwarewave are very good.


Another PS4 Game Has Been Updated To Add PS5 BC Support

Joe's Diner is one of the games that were not playable on the PS5 through PS4 backward compatibility, but this has been resolved with an update today.

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Double_O_Revan1280d ago

What a momentous day this is! Victory is at hand for all that demanded this game be added to BC! We scored a great win today! Thank you all.

lol. I have no idea what this game is. but from the moment that small list was announced, this game's title stood out and it's been a fun joke ever since.

SullysCigar1279d ago

Well this has made my year. Gone are the troubles when we have access to this masterpiece on PS5!

UltraNova1278d ago

I love the fact that a seemingly unknown title doomed to disappear into obscurity forever, caught a second wind with its announcement of not being BC on ps5 which has, evidently, garnered it far more market awareness than when it was actually released.

1279d ago
Neonridr1280d ago

And there was much rejoicing

Eidolon1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Going to be even harder to get my PS5 now 😫

Relientk771279d ago

You know when I eat at Joe's Diner, I will be eating at 60 FPS.

toyzombie1279d ago

Dont forget to drink it with a 120FPS milk shake

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Joe's Diner Review - It's the Worst, Literally the Absolute Worst | COG

COG writes - Simply put, Joe's Diner is a poor excuse of a horror game that couldn't even scare the most cowardly of gamers. You'll want to give this a hard pass.

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