10 Massive E3 2016 Rumours You’re Not Supposed To Know


In years gone by, looking to June’s E3 conference as early as March would’ve been tantamount to madness, but times have changed. Both movies and games get teasers for teasers years before release, and as all sorts of comments from top-level execs are starting to roll out in regards to what the games industry in particular is planning for the biggest show of them all, it’s about time we took stock of the best.

On just March 3rd, Nintendo delivered another fairly solid ‘Direct’ livestream, one in which they balanced the awesomeness of bringing SNES games to the Virtual Console, by having a member of Metroid Prime: Federation Force’s dev team try in vein to justify its existence. In the end, it reminded gamers of one thing; we ruddy love looking forward to future projects and teased releases, for better or worse.

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HD8bit2057d ago

We'll see. E3 is always a fun event to witness! I wonder if we don't hear something about Forza Horizon 3 as well....
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Relientk772057d ago

Legend of Zelda NX sounds good to me

Jmanzare2057d ago

Would be cool but the people waiting for Zelda on the wii u are probably not too happy with the idea. So far they got wind waker twilight princess and that dynasty warriors game. I would be pissed.

voodoochild3462057d ago

It'll likely be a twilight princess situation. Wii u and nx simultaneous launches.

Jmanzare2057d ago

I hope all of that is true along with some surprises

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