Is 'Young Conker' a Suitable Mascot for Microsoft's HoloLens?

SheAttack: Microsoft gives us a peek at a VR platforming game taking place right in your living room.....starring a young Conker the Squirrel? Ya know, THE Conker. This is how we feel about it.

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PhoenixUp2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Microsoft should've used Banjo and Kazooie instead. They are much bigger icons in the world of gaming. They're also more subceptible to transformations from their home series, which could be used as a better way of showing off tech demos.

Not to mention that the more Microsoft used Conker in a child friendly manner, the disheartening those kids will be when they find out about Conker's portrayal in BFD.

-Foxtrot2053d ago

God no.

The fact they have exploited him yet AGAIN to show some new tech/game is insulting to the fanbase after they said he could return.

They first cancelled his sequel years ago

They then do a remake and censor stuff out despite the age rating.

They then do that shit in Project Spark...a little story which they have given up on and never finished.

Now they've done the same thing and exploited Conker to try and sell something else.

They just don't seem to understand this franchise at all.

Banjo and Kazooie would have been better mascots BUT why don't they just come up with something brand new which will appeal to young kids, the same kids who are interested in Minecraft which you have also shown off for HoloLens

Chaosdreams2053d ago

Agreed, completely. Conker is a foul mouthed yet amazingly funny bad a**

And he's now... something else.

It's literally the destruction of an icon.

Herbalistic2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Its the 2nd time that Microsoft have played with fans of Conkers emotions by building some limited toned down garbage

BigBosss2053d ago

That thing looks like Conkers ass, don't know what they were thinking :/

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