Edge of Eternity NPC System and Graphics are Looking Amazing

Edge of Eternity developer Midgar Studio just released a new video on the NPC system for their game, and it is looking quite good.

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n4g00062061d ago

Running on Unity 5 engine, Looks better than Star Ocean 5...Final Fantasy 7 Director, Yoshinori Kitase, also use Unity 5 for Mobius Final Fantasy...a mobile phone game...

Yoshinori Kitase, you need to have serious talk(do an avalanche) with SQUARE ENIX CEO, President Yasuhiro Fukushima, Shareholders, hire, secure, buy Midgar Studio.

Yoshinori Kitase, CEO Yosuke Matsuda, Square Enix President Yasuhiro Fukushima, please buy Midgar Studio.

Yoshinori Kitase you've directer-ed Final Fantasy 7, you need to direct Final Fantasy 7 spiritual successor !!!

DiscoKid2061d ago

Post-processing is a very easy thing to do in Unity 5 from my own personal experience. However, it isn't something any developer should rely on.

DonkeyDoner2061d ago

Action vs turn-based
controlling 7 character in 1 screen
and also ps3 holding back ps4

2061d ago
AizenSosuke2061d ago

Looks amazing and plays amazing from the video.

Takwin2061d ago

Proud Kickstarter backer and everything looks great!

Duke192061d ago

Game looks gorgeous - although the current state of the NPC's is pretty creepy lol. That slow walk...

elarcadia2061d ago

So glad I Kickstarted this game. I KS'ed it the first time around, and was so incredibly bummed when it didn't reach its goal. I was so happy to see it make it on the second go! Pretty amazing what a small team can pull off...I cannot wait to play it!