PS4 System Update 3.50 Adds Option to Hide Screenshot Icon; Sony Execs Praise “Saved Data” Option

PS4 System Software Update 3.50 “Musashi” is currently being beta tested, and new features are continuing to be revealed by those who have access to it. More features are surfacing, while suggestions find praises by the men in charge.

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Abash3061d ago

I am not in the beta, but the most interesting new feature (PC/Mac streaming) isn't part of the beta so I'm just waiting for the official release of the 3.50 update

Mr Pumblechook3061d ago

Hide screenshot, a small but much needed feature!

So many times you take a couple of screenshots and the second pic always captures the icon from when you took the first pic.

SuperJay1823060d ago

Ditto the screenshot feature!

SniperControl3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

I'am on the beta, but had to roll back to the current 3.15 as my little lad Remote Play's to his Vita alot, but 3.50 does not allow remote play for some reason, Vita says there is a update required, but when you click ok, there is no update. I wonder if this has anything to do with the remote play to PC/Mac.

Aenea3061d ago

Nah, nothing to do with remote play for Win/OSX, with the previous beta it was the same thing, the 2 firmwares of the 2 devices need to be compatible in order to work.

Once 3.50 is officially released for everyone, the Vita will get an update too...

WildArmed3061d ago

Yeah, I had the same issue w/ the last beta as well.

Same w/ the current beta. I ended up rolling back firmware both times to keep my Vita remote play friendly

one2thr3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

If you signed up for it, there is a possible chance of it being placed in your "promotions", folder if you used a gmail e-mail address.

I found my code there, by randomly looking through it. I also found other expired beta codes as well.

IAreBeMrLee3061d ago

you could just search your emails for "Playstation," anything they've sent to you will just be there then instead of phaffing aboot?

KingKevo3061d ago

Well since you are not in the Beta all you could do is wait.

mafia_pc3060d ago

a date for official release ?

KingKevo3060d ago

No official word yet but last time it took 4 weeks from the launch of the Beta to the launch of the official release (September 2 3.00 Beta, September 30 3.00.).

I'd expect a similar timeframe.

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-Ghost3061d ago

This is good to hear about removing the icon when constantly pressing the share button to get some great moments, especially with Uncharted 4 releasing. Thanks Abriael.

IceKoldKilla3061d ago

Why did people disagree with you? It's true.

Goldby3060d ago

haters gonna hate lol

Butters3603061d ago

The 3.50 UI is the best so far. Looks really pretty. Just needs the folders and it'll be ace.

KwietStorm_BLM3061d ago

What's different about the UI?

Butters3603061d ago

The visual changes, it's subtle but they're changes to messages, communities, parties. If you used them heavily before, you see the difference.

DragonDDark3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

The messages reminds me of the Ps3 chat room but it's a lot improved version.

Skate-AK3061d ago

I agree. Little things like cleaning up the messages UI and other litttle subtle things make it look better.

OpenGL3061d ago

Just noticed the setting in notifications, really glad this was added.

Rookie_Monster3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Nice features. Can't wait for remote play on PC.

Jubez1873060d ago

20 disagrees? For him being excited about a PS4 feature? What in god's name..

AizenSosuke3060d ago

He's a known Xbox fanatic and him praising Playstation is considered trolling to be honest I'm a realist and fan of all formats and platforms of gaming but I seem to get disagree alot too so I know how it feels.