PSP Pocket Pool! And yes it means what you think!

So when I saw this video on Sony's website and being the male gamer that I am, I had to watch it. It should be said that I would probably not want to get busted at work watching this video. But in the privacy of your own home, or maybe some secluded corner of an Internet Hot Spot should be OK...

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ChickeyCantor5449d ago

"I have to say to hell with the Xbox 360’s Achievements (and anyone who knows me knows I am a Score Whore) system when I can unlock hot ladies wearing almost nothing and then get to watch them bend over and play pool I am all about that!"

so its not really about the PSP but about "ladies wearing almost nothing" then there is no need to say "to hell with the Xbox 360’s Achievements" thats just a weak excuus to bash the 360.
that guy is an idiot.

anyway, a pool game with almost naked "fun"[/sarcasm]