'Quantum Break' Is Financially Risky Because It's a AAA Game You Can Finish

Xbox One's big exclusive is big, beautiful, and fun, but is that enough in 2016?

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FasterThanFTL12649d ago

Not Really. The game will sell 5+ million across PC and Xbox One. Max Payne and Alan Wake have had a lasting legacy that has enabled them to sell for years after release.

Overload2649d ago

Being a AAA single player only action adventure game in this day and age is definitely risky, not to mention the TV production on top of that.

thekhurg2649d ago

There's nothing risky about being single player only with action/adventure elements.

Your game just has to be good and not a pile of crap.

Game needs to be around the 10 hour mark in length and needs to make sure it's not repetitive as hell - which is the big concern since all footage has been pretty copy/paste so far.

kraenk122649d ago


I don't think 10 hours is enough without MP tbh. More like 15!

hells_supernova2649d ago

Everyone perceives value differently. all I know for me is if the story is fantastic and the gameplay is solid then im all in. I do not care for multiplayer as I do not have the time to get invested.

If it is over 10 hours for me that is all I ask however my main concern is still the show that's tied in with this game.

ShadowKnight2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Do you think QB will sell more than Tomb Raider? I think it will do well in sales eventually. I'm hoping it does because I want another Alan Wake!!! The only thing I'm concerned about is that QB releases a few days before Dark Souls 3.

Overload2649d ago

Yes. Tomb Raider had no business launching the same day as Fallout 4, Quantum Break has a much better window.

rainslacker2649d ago

I'd say it's probably going to do OK. It seems to have more hype and excitement than Halo 5 did, and it is arguably the most anticipated title on Xbox this gen. I know a couple people who were waiting for it to get their X1, and I already took the plunge for it myself...and I doubt it's going to be the kind of game that only appeals to forum goers...particularly when MS ramps up it's marketing a couple weeks prior to release.

Azzanation2649d ago

Dark Souls 3 is niche game, QB will sell heaps regardless of DS3, plus 2 different gams and audiences.

FITgamer2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Maybe it'll sell a lot digital, but pre-orders don't seem to be very strong, seeing as it's only a month out. It's yet to break the top 100 on Amazon, it's #80 on the Most Wished for list, and it's not even in the Movie and Shakers list. Hell even VGChartz only has it at 56k pre-orders. Maybe people are waiting for reviews, but i expected it would be killing it in pre-orders. Most interesting Xbox exclusive yet IMO.

Overload2649d ago

VGChartz ranking means nothing. Amazon on the other hand usually means nothing with software sales, but that's ranked really low and definitely is an indication of hype for the title.

I do hope it does well for Remedy, they have always been a great studio.

rainslacker2649d ago

Hmm...I dunno, I think we've seen enough for people to decide if they want the game without waiting on reviews. There is nothing really that makes it seem like it would be a bad game.

More likely, despite the high levels of anticipation on forums, the general public isn't tuned in to it yet, and maybe only know about it through passing adverts or mentions. I'd imagine this game is going to get a rather sizable marketing campaign starting within the next few weeks.

objdadon2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

"It will sell 5 million+ across xbox and pc."
Lol, how the hell do you know that?

RiseofScorpio2649d ago

He means long term most likely. Alan Wake achieved that figure.

dkp232649d ago

10 hrs 15 hrs? You guys serious. Should be closer to 50 hours

babadivad2649d ago

I'd never finish it then.

Brazz2649d ago

i will be surprised if it breaks 4M line, but sure... there is a chance...

conanlifts2649d ago

I played alan wake for the first time last month. Great game and made me think i should but quantum break day 1.

CartBlanche2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

New AAA IPs very very rarely hit above 2 million. It is usually sequels that end up selling much more.
The only recent new AAA IPs that sold over 2 million was Last of Us which has sold nearly 6million on PS3 and nearly 5 million on PS4. The other was Bloodborne, just over 2million.
So Quantum Break would need to be as good as Last of Us for it to hit your predicted 5+ million across 2 platforms.
Ryse only managed 1.3 million across 3 platforms (X360, X1 and PC).
If you know of a Xbox new AAA IP that sold more than 2 million, let me know.

Now it is certainly possible for it to sell 5+ but a tall order. If it hits those sorts of number, then it has a great chance of being GOTY.

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WeAreLegion2649d ago

I think it will do just fine. Until Dawn was very successful and that was just last year. Quantum Break looks incredible. I think word of mouth will be strong.

Overload2649d ago

The budget for this game would be much higher than Until Dawn.

WeAreLegion2649d ago

I know that, but if this sold just as many copies as Until Dawn, it would be a success.

kraenk122649d ago

It would considering it has half the install base.

Bladesfist2649d ago

@kranek12 I think you are forgetting it launches on PC and Xbox One. It has a bigger install base.

TFJWM2649d ago

If it sells the same as Until Dawn I do not see how it could not be considered a failure. It has been one of the most hyped games for Xbox and now it is on PC as well. To sell the same as unknown niche horror game that had no advertising would be a big blow to Remedy and MS imo...

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WelkinCole2649d ago

I do wonder though if it was on the xbox would it do as well.

KwietStorm_BLM2649d ago

Down with story driven, single player games! What are they thinking making a good game?

It's the same crap about new IPs being 'risky,' like they're all supposed to flood the industry with the same thing over and over. People like story focused games. They sell when they're good. A lot of people don't even play the multiplayer in some games after they finish the story. This isn't being risky. It's filling their "role" in the industry. Unbelievable.

Aloy-Boyfriend2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Sadly Spec Ops: The Line was a great game with an amazing story and didn't sell enough. QB obviously looks like an even more expensive game to make and the devs will take a blow if it doesn't sell.

Making these story driven games is risky bevause the casual market can easily ignore them for not having COD in the title, or not being games they are familiar with.

Sciurus_vulgaris2649d ago

Remedy has already been paid for the game, since QB is funded by and owned by MS. Dev usually have issues when their games get mixed to bad reception and publishing partners stop funding them (like what happened to Crytek).

Tsunade2649d ago

At least the game is also going to be on PC so sales will be better than the game being exclusive on Xbox and MS may give sales number combining xbox and PC.

CartBlanche2649d ago

Not necessarily true.
Ryse, an obvious AAA New IP, released on X1, X360 and PC only sold 1.3million across all 3 platforms.

Do you know of any other new AAA IP that has sold really really well either on one platform or more? I'm talking about exclusives here, not multi-plat shooters.

New IPs rarely sell above 2million. Last of Us and Bloodborne are a couple of exceptions, but they are very very rare. Sequels are where the sales really shoot up.

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