Dead Island PS3 vs Definitive Collection Graphics Comparison - Significant changes

Dead Island Definitive Collection became flesh. Deep Silver, the publisher of the series confirmed it few days before.
If the reveal trailer shows actual gameplay, gamers can count on significant graphical upgrade.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1053d ago

GG Deep Silver!

This is truly a significant change. I never played Dead Island, so this looks like a nice chance.

Christopher1053d ago

It's pretty much what you can get on PC. I'm not seeing much deal in the port other than it looks like they are looking for some money to fund the next game.

Army_of_Darkness1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

Yeah I nevered played a dead Island game yet so I might buy this depending on whether or not it's 60fps since all my other remastered games I bought are 1080p @60fps, so going too 30fps would kinda Suck. Especially for an older game.

Persistantthug1053d ago

I can't play the video right now,

and maybe it's just me,
But by the pic, I actually like her face better in the old PS3 version.

blakstarz1053d ago

I agree...if the PS3 one is to the left..her face looks more "human" and the one on the right looks like some sort of Android if that is the PS4 version, looks like a step backwards to me.

conanlifts1053d ago

Ignore the pic. It is a huge improvement over the original ps3 version. Watch the video when you get the chance if this game interests you

SolidGear31053d ago

How a remaster should be done! Wonder if the BioShock Collection is going to have this kind of graphical overhaul.

cyckiewicz1053d ago

I haven't heard about Bioshock Collection. Did 2K announced it already?

Kryptix1053d ago

Having played Dead Island: Riptide, this looks like a great upgrade. I just hope they removed that horrible motion blur or give you an option to turn it off or reduce it. Doing 180s in that game made my character puke worse than a Left4Dead spitter after a bombass party.

FITgamer1053d ago

Upgrade looks great, but for me Dead Island was pretty boring. Never played Riptide, though.

cyckiewicz1053d ago

It was fun for me. Despite it's all flaws I really enjoyed it.

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The story is too old to be commented.